Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Visa Expiry; Bolivia

I have a three part post to come on my boat trip on Lake Titicaca, but I am facing an expiring visa that requires me to move out of the country for a while. I have to go.

In the morning I leave for Copacabana, Bolivia. Once I'm there I'm going to do some travelling. Will have my Lake Titicaca post up as soon as I settle in Bolivia. I expect to be soon in La Paz.

To those who drop in to see what I wrote of our day on the lake, I apologise for the delay. Meanwhile, I recall my time in Peru more than fondly, almost all of that due to the character of Peruvians in general. I hope to return soon to continue my adventures among such good and decent folk. At the risk of revealing too much, (you know I mean you) I look forward to meeting someone again when I return to Lima. Life is good.
"Peru of the Incas" poster by Paul George Lawler (1938)


Ian said...

"Marat was a friend of the People?" Are you some kind of lunatic? Going by the "Sharia" paranoia, it wouldn't surprise me. Why do stock-and-trade liberals today consider themselves "conservatives" just because they hate Muslims? Being subservient to the Jewstablishment does not a conservative make.

Dag said...

All that I can make sense of from your comment is that you´re a run of the mill anti-Semite. How on earth a post about Boliva raises your comment about Jews is beyond me. Take it somewhere else.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Off Topic - Merry Christmas Dag!