Sunday, November 27, 2011

Urubamba: Onward to Machu Piccu

I took a train to Aguas Calientes, the hell-hole entrance to Macchu Piccu one cannot escape except by hiking the Inca Trail, which I am no longer capable of.Lots of younger people do it, and many my age as well, but not me. :(

I was stuck with taking the train to this nasty little place and by good fortune just happened to share a seat with a young couple and the boy's mother. What a lovely time that was. But before arriving at Aguas Caliente, and out of sequence here, I stopped at Urubamba, a little village where I had coffee at this lovely spot just like home.
If one goes downtown Cuzco and finds the local bus terminal, one finds a combi or a collectivo to Urubamba for about $0.50 U.S. I did that. I transfered later to Ollataytambo, another $0.85 or so to get to Aguas Caliente and on the train for Machu Piccu. At Urambamba I had coffee. I was going to have lunch but the place filled up with a family of over a dozen and I was forgotten. Though the coffee kept coming, my lunch never did. Such is life in the Los Angeles fast lane.

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