Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yo Mismo No Sismo

I was at my desk on Friday typing when I thought there was a procession of electric powered gravel trucks driving outside my building. No sound; much trembling. At first I wondered if I was having heart problems, but I have so many ex-girlfriends who swear I have no heart that I had to dismiss the idea. My chair was vibrating and then I noticed the bottle of soda on the desk was making waves in a semi-serious way.The sloshing soda made me think of other than myself, in fact, of an earthquake, this being a likely place for such an experience. But after a good two or three minutes it settled and stopped. I noted it in an email to a friend later and laughed it off. This morning I heard that I felt the tremors of a quake about 50 miles away to the south at Ica.

Here's a generic link to the story:

Peru quake destroys 134 homes, injures dozens

Guess I'm not such shaking guy at all. Maybe I'll go in a day or so and take a look at the real thing.

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