Sunday, October 02, 2011

Lima in Springtime.

I'm in Lima, Peru, and though it is a huge and interesting city of exotic delights, I find myself engaged in the purpose that brought me here, to sit and type my large stack of notes into what should be a five volume History of Ideas, A Genealogy of Left Dhimmi Fascism. I'm not getting out much to see the city and its sites.

I work to a deadline here for each month, Oct. being the first month, and I will, according to my deadline, finish typing, revising, and editing the first of the 12 binders that make up the five volumes. The first binder is 108 pages of my own indecipherable handwriting. I had a head start, of course, and am now on page 28, a mere 70 to go before I revise and edit. I have 27,375 words typed so far. That head startis looking pretty necessary.

I'm not getting out much, but I have a lovely place in Mira Flores to keep me. I'm sitting in the courtyard typing now, the sun coming out, the day looking pretty good. Will find some time, soon I hope, to go out and make some better case of my life at this blog. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Dag, please try to enjoy your environs while there - all work and no play, after all. The exposure will only serve to heighten your overall experience and thus contribute positively to your book.

Dag said...

Hope so. So far I'm locked in a (nice) garret writing all day and into the night. Will get out soon and do some sightseeing so I have something better to write about than Marxist complaining about Modernity.

truepeers said...

And what do you tell the locals you are doing?

Have some fun and Watch out for muscle strain disorders!