Saturday, September 24, 2011

3:10 to Lima

I arrived in Lima, Peru a few days ago to spend some time in South America where I will be writing a five volume work on the history of ideas, A Genealogy of Left Dhimmi Fascism.

This is my chair where I say writing today. Will have more later as I settle in. If you are in Lima, please let me know and perhaps we can meet for lunch in Mira Flores.

Till next day or so,

Yalladios, Dag


butterfly said...

Looks like a nice place to write, Dag.

"A Genealogy of Left Dhimmi Fascism" or "Death Hippies, A Family Tree."

Nice jacket too. Leather, and well worn. Comfy.

Dag said...

Hello, you. Nice to see you joining me while I type in Lima this evening.

I find the city a bit overcast for my tastes, but since I spend most of my time typing the mass of papers I have brought with me to wile away the coming twelve months I might not see too much of the sky at all.

I'm currently living in a small hotel in Mira Flores, and all are invited to join me for afternoon coffee. I still speak English, though I have little chance to do so here. It would be a welcome relief.

Yes, I do like that jacket. I had to leave the motorcycle in Canada, but the jacket was too cool to lose. And-- you'll be able to spot me in a crowd here, if only because of the fringes flapping in the breeze.

I hope to take some time out from the typing to shoot some of the sights here. It's got its attractions, does Lima. So far I like it here. If that wears off, there's always some village to go to to continue typing away.

In unrelated news, I have a friend busily editing a book I have coming out, perhaps next month, An Occasional Walker, which I will announce with grand fanfare when available.

Back to typing. Always good to get a note from you. Thanks for dropping in and saying hello.

truepeers said...

Looks sunny to me. But I guess if you need a leather jacket at sea level, ten degrees from the equator, your photo really does give a full picture.


Dag said...

Ha! I waited for days to take that picture of a sunny courtyard. As soon as I took it, the sun was gone until just now as I type to complain.

But really, where would a man be in the world if he didn't have a thick motorcycle jacket with conchos and fringes?