Tuesday, December 06, 2011


My best gal will be an old woman now, this being her birthday, she being ageless and timeless to me. She is long gone for a long time, and yet it seems like yesterday she left for better. I lost her.

My gal found another man, a better man, a stable man who provided her with the life I could not. She looked long and hard for a man who could do for her the things a woman needs from a husband, and she found him. She was married to him for a long period, stable and happy.

But things are not static in our world, and she lost him. He was well-to-do, and the economy changed all that for him. He had some idea that stability was his right and that providing wealth was his duty to his family. He lost all that. He went into the garage and shot himself in the head.

There's always music.


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