Thursday, August 04, 2011

Don't cry for Obama

Fools are putting up with Obama, though fewer by the day, and hard-core whores still walk the streets for him; but it looks like my [anonymous] friend who predicted just after Obama's election is going to be right: that Obama will be the first president in American history to commit suicide in office.

Here's a musical interlude for those still sucking for Obama.

"Don't cry for Obama." studio (1988) live


Kepha said...

I guess I'm too much of a Christian to not weep should Obama commit suicide while in office, but...

This president had any number of Far Left, Troofer, black racist, and similar associations prior to being elected; had almost no political experience; was a cynical user of people and groups during his meteoric pre-presidential political career; built a phony persona around himself; and proved himself the puppet of every pressure group in his party, even if it meant betraying others. He was touted as being the most intelligent candidate and president we've ever had, but his supposed scholarship as a law professor seems non-existent, and he flew to flinders the minute he was without a teleprompter and met something other than adulation [viz., Joe the Plumber].

I did not vote for Obama in '08, and if the Repubs. run a combination of embezzler, child molester, cannibal, and mobster against Obama in '012, I will vote Libertarian.

Dag said...

He strikes me, and has from the start, as a street hustler, this one in a suit, but a cunning and devious manipulator out for his own. I think of him as a pimp.

That so many Americans can be taken in by a creature like this is so disappointing that I am sick. It's a fundamental failing of our nation, of our character as a people, a sickness in our culture that we could fall for such a conniving and evil man as "a sort of god," as the head of Newsweek
Magazine referred to him. Yes, he is a sort of god. He is a sort of demi-god gloating over his own sick, parodic creation of the good. The world is filled with such deceivers. The true shame of it all is that so many of our own are taken in by this and think it good.

A Christian or a Jew can find solace in some deep morality, in a life time of true character that allows one to... elevate oneself beyond such sickness as I feel, I guess. I just wish he would die. Soon. By his own evil hand. But I have no pretensions to being a leader of the nation, nor even to being a moral man. I want a moral leader in our nation. I want some true soul that the people too want. I want a nation that loves Sarah Palin. Till such time I will live in this state of sickness over the rot of our nation's soul.