Monday, April 04, 2011

U.S. Govt. officials upset over Qur'an burning

"I for one will not be dictated to by people who have yet to learn the mysteries of the shoelace."

"Pakistan: Two more Christians killed, churches burned as Muslims respond to Florida Qur'an burning," Jihad Watch. 28 March 2011.

Two were Christians were just killed outside a church in Pakistan last week, and now two more have been killed because a Qur'an was burned in Florida.

That was last week or so. Now the death toll has gone up, Muslims killing over Pastor Terry Jones of Florida having burnt a Qur'an. Those causing the trouble aren't folks in Florida: they are savages who haven't come so far as to learn how to use a fork at dinner time. They eat with their hands. Well, one hand. They use the other to wipe their butts. What's to like about Islam?

Roger Kimball has a fairly OK and short essay at the link:

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