Monday, April 11, 2011

A letter from Terry Jones

A group of fifteen year old girls had another girl backed into a doorway on the street as they taunted her and berated her because she was wearing blue jeans and blue tennis shoes with white stripes.

The girl was close to tears. No, she was actually crying. I heard a couple of the girls going on about her shoes, and I looked and saw the other girls had white tennis shoes with blue stripes. All the conformists in the group, regardless of their own positions in the pecking order, had a chance to pick on the girl with the reverse colour clothing. For just a moment there was someone other than themselves who was lower, someone they could pick on rather than being the losers they are the rest of the time.

I got a letter from Terry Jones et al. Today the gang of school girls of Left group-think are bitching about the style of the Jones' church shoes. I think I find myself standing with Jones and his own just because the group-think kiddies make me sick. And beyond that, I won't back down anyway, because it is everyone's right to walk in the shoes they choose. Some will bitch, but that's how life is. One breaks out of the pressure group formed to intimidate and humiliate, and one goes on. Bullies and thugs make me sick.

Go, Jones! Burn that Qur'an, and who cares what the thugs say about it!

Since Judge the Koran Day, we have been dealing with hundreds of negative mails and calls a day and many requests from media.

We have now over 400 domestic and international death threats that law enforcement agencies seem to be ignoring, although we were asked to pass them all on, and have done so.

Our tech experts and firewalls have been fighting off massive cyber attacks from every continent. We are winning!

Our insurance is, once again, to be cancelled.

Our own government has condemned us and is considering criminalizing free speech, selling out our Constitution to coddle the OIC and the UN.

But we are not going away. We are not going into hiding. They will have to knock us all off to stop us! We are doing this for our country, for the nations and people of the world, oppressed under the lies and violence of Islam. It means more to us than our lives.

Come and support us in Dearborn, MI, April 22, in front of the largest mosque in America, where we join OOTD of Michigan and protest Sharia and Jihad, the oppression and violence of Islam. This mosque supports Hamas, Hezbullah, and their backers in Iran. We stand with Israel. Bring any signs and flags you like.

You can continue to support us through our websites:
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Thank you, also, for your prayers.
God Bless you, your families and businesses.
Yours Sincerely,

Dr Terry Jones, Founder and President of Stand Up America Now.

Wayne Sapp, Assistant Director of Stand Up America Now

Pastor Luke Jones, Dove World Outreach Center

and all of us here who stand with our leaders.

352 371 2487

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