Monday, March 14, 2011

Book writing

The gentle reader here must by now wonder just wtf I do all the time if I can't seem to post anything here more than once or twice a week, or less! I am not sitting at Tim Horton's having my fix of vitamins C and D, believe me. I am writing, in long-hand, more notes for volume three of my magnum opus, A Genealogy of Left Dhimmi Fascism: Oikos I, "Earth and Man." Yes, it is obviously about ecology. I'm down to the final 12 books to read for material, and then I think I don't really have 12 more to come. Like the past three or four times I thought I only had a dozen more books to read, I could be wrong about this. Or I could be just about sick of it and ready to move on to do some typing at last.

Three Canadians come to mind straight off the top, Kathy Shaidle, Howard Rotberg, and Jonathon Narvey, and I am hopeful of taking a page out of their book, as it were, by publishing my own books. I hope to do this in relatively short order. The two volumes I hope to have out are culled from this blog and Covenant Zone. It will make me rich and famous while I slave away in the tropics typing the rest of the oeuvre. Till then, thanks for your patience.

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