Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Art Class

The artist who made the banner graphic here is the entirely talented and sure-to-be-famous Ben Jackson. I contacted him recently to ask for permission to use his graphic as a cover shot for volume ii of my up-coming book, A Genealogy of Left Dhimmi Fascism, "Fascism and Dhimmitude." Mr. Jackson responded in the affirmative, asking only that I not associate him with the text, he likely not being the ardent Sarah Palin fan I am.

I look at Jackson, and I see a man who is willing to allow me to use his work in spite of a likely antipathy toward some of my personal political leanings. I call that class. I think it shows us that America can overcome its divisions in this stressful time of political anger, and that we can still be in harmony at a personal and professional level when it comes to common things like being a decent person in the flesh.

So, my personal and public thanks to Mr Jackson.

Dag Walker,
Vancouver, Canada.

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