Sunday, February 27, 2011

Had we but world enough and crack

I was buying fruit and veggies at the market in Chinatown a while ago, the sidewalk crowded with shoppers, the cement slick with stuff fallen and trampled, making the way a chore in itself, making it a matter of caution just passing. I wasn't paying attention till I spotted a young woman and her decrepit mother. The young one was attractive, so I looked. Cabbage, even red and on sale, only goes so far, even at my age. I checked her out, and I saw her mother, looking much less attractive than cabbage on a bad day. The babe asked her mom what she would like. When I heard I kind of lost interest in the whole day. Old lady said: "I want a dick."

It was then, in a flash, that I saw that the old lady was the young woman's younger sister.


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