Friday, October 15, 2010

Mad about the girl

Oh yeah, I am hooked for good. I love the girl. I think about her daily and can't at all get her out of my mind. I smile and I grin, and I am the man, her man, and I walk in love for the girl. Oh!

She said, "Dag, we haven't done much yet in life, and I think we should before we decide if we want to make if permanent between us. We should live a bit first."

That just about broke my heart, but in my heart I know she's right. I kissed her good night, and took off for a bit of a trip around the world. I got some work and involved myself in various things, but never for a day did I forget about her. I called, wrote, saw her a few times to make sure everything was still on track, though my wife wondered who on earth this girl might be. I finished university, got into my career, got divorced, spent more time on the road. Still nuts over this girl, and I look forward to the time when I really do have the experience in life that will make me the man my gal wants to settle down with and be with for ever. I'm still "getting things done" so I'll be just right for the girl I love so much. Soon, very soon, I'll get with her again and we'll make it right.

I've been with another girl or so, but the sort one calls experience, like my gal wanted me to have so I could show up as a man of the world. Yeah, she's gonna love me when I return. Soon. Very soon. She's the only girl for me, and in 30 years since I've never met another to come close. Gonna be a happy guy when I see her again and make it all happen. She's so beautiful. Never loved another girl like her.


CGW said...

Dag, tell us more about this. Or is it just figurative?

Dag said...

She's real, as is the life of perpetual refusal to accept life's limitation.