Monday, September 13, 2010

Once there were men and there were women

There are any number of people who are totally missing it, the best we have, the simple but profound thing that is being in love with a girl.

There are those who think they're very clever when they parrot pomo nonsense about the social construction of gender and sex, but the fact is that, like Muslims and other primitives, they miss the point of emotionalising nature through Humanness. It ain't just the sex: it's the being together as lovers beyond this world. Without the emotionalising nothing much happens to two people beyond nature taking its toll and bringing both to the grave.

Romantic love, that Medieval conceit so lost to so many, makes it all worth the while, as one can tell even as a child in 1960 listening to boys singing about girls. Long ago, yes, and once there were green fields. For some, they will grow again. For most, those fields will forever be desert and concrete.

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