Monday, August 16, 2010

Iranian resistance?

The Iranian government is going to organise a gang of guys to stand around throwing rocks at a woman's face and head till they kill her. In Arabic this is called rajm. In English we call it stoning to death. Where I come from, we call it grounds for killing anyone doing such a thing. I kid you not. Where I come from, anyone pulling a stunt like that would be shot so many times by so many people you'd never be able to put enough bits together to figure out who was shot. But I don't come from Iran, where the government organises gangs to bury a woman and throw rocks at her face and kill her. What Iranians do in Iran is pretty much out of my control, not something I can do anything about. I can complain. I can support those who would kill the people involved in killing women like that, or any woman on grounds of "adultery." But it's more or less up to Iranians to overthrow their government. Unless they're all too stupid or too cowardly to do it themselves, which is how I'm leaning in my understanding of things there and the people.

If Iranians won't overthrow their government, what are we supposed to do?

If Iranians are intelligent and sophisticated people, where is the terrorist organisation working to overthrow the government in the way we saw in Uruguay, for example, in the Tupamaros? Where is the Iranian IRA? Where's the Red Army Fraction? Where are those men and women who are willing to take the fight to the government? Where are those who are serious about overthrowing the government in Iran?

If anyone were to suggest that the Iranian government is more brutal and sophisticated than the Argentine government of the 1970-80s, I'm not going to take that person seriously. I don't think Iranians are serious.

Show me I'm wrong. Where is the organisation assassinating government officials, robbing banks to support the cause, bombing "moderates" to sharpen the conflict? The Basij thugs are not more powerful than the Chilean DINA. They're no worse that SAVAK. Who's fighting? Am I missing it? Who's terrorising the government to the point officials are afraid to show their faces in public? Who is randomly killing people to the point the government collapses from the chaos? Until I see this, I don't take Iranians seriously.

I'm not suggesting that the Iranians should overthrow their government. If anyone were to attempt that it would not only be illegal, it would also cause people harm. I'm just asking where the serious people are there, if there are any. I don't see them. It means I would have to support instead an outside force overthrowing the Iranian government. Let the Israelis do the Iranians' dirty work and take all the harm that comes from it. If Iranians were to do anything violent, that would be a bad thing, of course. Just so we're clear here that I'm not advocating anything bad.

No, let's leave all the work to the Iranians. If these folks aren't serious, then what is there to do? Pretty scary people, this lot. But not as scary as successful people.

The graphic at the link shows the heads and penises of two peasants who upset the Algerian FLN, the victors in the war against France. DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK if you're squeamish.

Serious people don't get upset at this kind of atrocity so long as it's directed against ones enemies. I can hear already, "If we do that kind of thing, we're as bad as they are." I'll write again: We have to be far worse than our enemies if we're going to win. Either that or we let the Israelis do the dirty work. Will Iranians clean their own out-house nation? I doubt it, but the opposition to the government sure has a nice looking web page. That's got to be worth something.

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