Monday, June 07, 2010

I'm surrounded by idiots!

This is making the rounds, a protest in Israel, immigrants, marching with those who don't understand English or don't bother reading, are parading with slogans on their signs that actually make sense, unbeknownst to their fellow protesters. I got it from Truepeers at Covenant Zone, who got it from... and so on.

Via Rotter comes photo evidence of a brilliantly executed plan by what seems to be English (and Russian) speaking new immigrants to Israel who infiltrated a far Left demonstration Saturday night. Apparently, no-one bothered to read what was written on the signs they were holding, so they marched for about an hour until they were tossed out (hat tip: Noah).

More photos here.


bulletproofcourier said...

I really like your blog, thanks for the great thoughts, insight and commitment to freedom and free speech.

Dag said...

Hello, mate, thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. Maybe we'll meet for coffee sometime. Till then, my best.