Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mosques in Europe.

We're looking at Dudley in Birminghamshire and wondering what the Hell is going on; that most people there do not want a mega-mosque going up in their medieval-era town to spoil the place with wall-to-wall howler monkeys roaring over loud speakers five times a day; that they don't want a monument to Islamic triumphalism domineering; that the people want to be left alone in their own nation without Islamic terrorism running rampant; that the locals do not wish to be replaced by imported Third World voters just because Labour wants votes from savages on the dole.

It's not just Dudley. Nor is it Ground Zero up-coming. It is seemingly everywhere. Yesterday's selection of mosques in Europe news:

Sweden mosque:

Danish mosque:

Warsaw Mosque:

Belgium church mosque:

There is no end to it till Isalm is triumphant in the land. Or till Islam is destroyed entirely.


CGW said...

islam must be destroyed utterly. It is a pestilence upon the land and a pox on Civilized Humanity. islam will destroy our precious Modernity unless we crush it mercilessly.

Who else wants war?

Dag said...

We have almost all the best people on earth for any project at all; but our best are not at all concerned with destroying Islam. Most of our finest minds, (and I do not mean our intelligentsia, they being Conformity Hippies and buffoons,) are rightly engaged in private pursuits of money and status and other rewards of a liberal economy. All the rewards a young man can hope for are readily available today in the West in government. Young men-- and women-- don't seem interested in entrepreneurship or even in private corporate captaincy; rather we see a rush to join government as the goal of our best and brightest. Many more, less bright, less the best, turn to defeat and stupefaction in hedonism and nihilism, also a corporate entity of conformity.

I'll repeat a point I've made numerous times before: that when men don't join the army, they often join the army of losers with no discipline, drifting through life with a pointless end.

For those sickened by the idiocy of metro-sexual culture, of marijuana worship, of ersatz women, of computer "realities," and the general malaise of Modernity as anything but a walk-on part in a sado-masochistic endgame, there is manly living to still be had for the clever, the competitive, the the exuberant and ruthless. Yes there is. There is that lure that men don't see too often, befogged by layers and layers of p.c. vapour. Boys will be bys, and they need the smell of blood to bring them out to play a real game. Unfortunately, the only ones playing the game now are loser Muslims. Ours will hang up their skateboards and turn their hats right way round in time; they'll see the thrill of victory and the right of triumph; they'll come to sicken of the feminine man-boy culture of lisp and wank. The clever ones will rise tot he top and excel. Then they'll turn the world inside out and have some real fun.

The rest will die out and become slaves. Who cares. It's a game for men. Losers lose. We'll have our winners.

CGW said...

I want a Crusade.

Dag said...

Me, too. And thanks for the graphic. It's just right.

Anonymous said...

Seems that some people really do believe the essentialising coverage our media provide.

Dag said...

If I may paraphrase your comment, anonymous, I would suggest the media tends to minimise the essential in favour of maximising the inessential regarding Islam, i.e., for example, that "Islam is a religion of peace." Were they to essentialise, we'd be reading and hearing a great deal about jihad and shari'a, neither of which come to the public unless citizens use pliers and tongs.

Times are changing. People are coming round to sense and common decency. That is our problem still: that most people are well behaved and social, and they will put up with outrageous abuse rather than stick up for themselves when thugs and bullies intimidate them. There is, however, only so much that people can stomach. There comes a time and a point at which normal people say, "That's enough, and there will be no more." I hope that days is coming to us sooner rather than later, though it will come regardless.