Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Best Political Ad Ever, no foolin'.

Dale Peterson. This guy is a real guy.

We need him because we live in a real world.

— Dale Peterson, Alabama Agriculture Commission, ICAUCUS endorsed candidate fighting the fight to save our country.


CGW said...

Why can't he be running on the National Level for something for which I can vote? Why can't Congress be full of his type? Is there any hope at all of getting back to a Leadership of this type of man?

Dag said...

I'm going to guess here that we can't have men like him in government on a large scale because of "interests" in a democracy.

Interests mean many different things, and not all of them are serious and beneficial to a nation's politics. Teenagers, for example, might have an interest in politics, going so far as to vote for a presidential candidate. It might mean they have a personal interest in politics at a personal level, how they feel about the qualities of their choice of candidate. But is their interest higher than personal? They might say yes, and maybe so they do. But do they have a commercial interest? Likely not. Their personal interest might be utopian and socialist. We can't rightly restrict voting rights to property owners: those who had property but sold out to retire would be ineligible to vote in spite of their previous contributions to the nation. And military people don't own much, as a rule. And so on.

If an 18 year old could be drafted into the military and be sent to die in a foreign war, e.g. Viet Nam, he should also have the right to vote at 18. And since one couldn't know who, all 18 year olds had the vote. Women, though not drafted, have a right to vote, so they had it at 18 as well, just like men. And so it goes. Ones interest, whatever it might be, is valid so long as one is a citizen of voting age. Thus, we get a mix of interests that often have nothing to do with the interests of the nation itself. That could be a good thing, in that the nation serves the people. That was our original intention. Unfortunately, our nation was founded by property owners who have a solid interest in the nation that non-property owners, in fact, property haters today, do not have. And all have the same right to vote. We see the effect in cities vs towns and country. This is a checker-board nation now of those who have varying interests.