Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mexico City, 1942

Until I began my latest sojourn in Vancouver, Canada I had lived in Mexico City as long as any other city-- outside my original hometown. Looking at the following video of Mex. D.F. brings to mind any number of happy memories, of nights at the opera, of a drunken climb to the lap of Juarez, to having sex atop the heights of the Zocalo's Grand Hotel, and of the National Palace, which is reportedly built to designs meant for a penitentiary in Peru, the prison there looking like the Palace as it was supposed to be.

I have endless personal memories of Mexico City, many of them good. For those who have never been, the idea of showing this video is to allow one the idea of how different, and in many ways better, was Modernity over post-modernity. I'll leave it for now for the viewer to decide, if only on the face of a short travelogue, to decide if we have given up a major good in favor of an effete and self-indulgent destruction of Progress.

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