Sunday, May 24, 2009

Light Leaves Ground

Summer is upon us weather-wise, and the days draw me out to stand in the warm and the light and to be as content as I can be in this life. I can hope for better, like standing on the creekside with the elm and maybe some pine boughs above holding robins nesting with baby-blue specked eggs waiting to hatch, rainbow trout rising from deep eddies to snap at flies, a doe across the bank flitting silently through the brush with a bellyful of wild rose blooms, the leafy forest floor shadow-dappled from high morning sun. I can almost hear in the wild-flower scented breeze the soft music of long-lost times.

Softly, As I Leave You

Softly (Softly)
I will leave you softly (I will leave you softly)
For my heart would break (For my heart would break)
If you should wake (If you should wake)
And see me go (And see me go)
So I leave you (So I leave you)
Softly (Softly)
Long before you miss me (Long before you miss me)
Long before your arms (Long before your arms)
Can beg me stay (Can beg me stay)
For one more hour (For one more hour)
For one more day (For one more day)
After all the years (After all the years)
I can't bare the tears (I can't bare the tears)
To fall (To fall)
So softly, (So softly)
So softly (I will leave you there)

I will leave you there

Composed by Antonio De Vita (1932-1998), with original Italian lyrics by Giorgio Calabrese. It was originally an Italian success in 1960 by Mina, at the Sanremo Music Festival, entitled "Piano" ("Softly").

English songwriter Hal Shaper, noticed the song and in November 1961 wrote English lyrics to the melody, calling it "Softly, as I Leave You".,_as_I_Leave_You_(song)

Maybe you can listen to it here:

The pictures are of the Moyie River. My mom is buried down south of where these come from. That was long ago in the last century. Life keeps on going. I hope it goes on for us. I hope we can meet again next year too; but if not, then I'll wish you the best and leave you softly now.

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