Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things that look like Allah.

From Covenant Zone, 23 March 2007

Islamophobic conspiracies abound. Not only is Coca-Cola a Zionist conspiracy, just look at some of the other things they make that look like Allah.

It gets worse, dear reader. Far worse.
Now, I know you can't stand this kind of insult from the hated infidels, but this isn't the end. No, not hardly. Brace yourself for this!

Ga Ga. I'm losing my mind! These horrrible insults.
I'll kill ten innocent by-standers for this insult to Allah.

OK, I'll admit I don't read Arabic well, but I know that one of these infidel drawings looks like Allah. Maybe they all do. Whatever. Death to Israel. Death to America. And stop making these pictures of Allah.

Hey, do people go around insulting Jesus and Christians? NOOOO.

So stop with the Allah stuff.

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