Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can't get a date? Get a gun.

Charles asks: "What kind of guy risks jail time to steal porn? Take a look:

Truepeers responds: "In this day and age, you gotta be a guy without an internet connection."

Texas XXX-Men Nabbed

Cops: Texas gunmen robbed 50 X-rated movies from adult film store

APRIL 13--Meet John Scott Kincaid and Christopher Ray Fitzgerald. The Texas men were arrested this morning after they allegedly stuck up an adult video store and made off with 50 pornographic movies. According to police, Kincaid, 21, and Fitzgerald, 20, were nabbed shortly after the 12:20 AM robbery of Adult Video and DVD in Kilgore. After their vehicle was pulled over, officers recovered the 50 X-rated films, along with a Ruger automatic handgun, and a face mask, according to a Kilgore Police Department press release. Kincaid (top) and Fitzgerald are pictured below in mug shots snapped this morning at the Kilgore City Jail, where they were each booked on a felony aggravated robbery count. The men are suspects in two armed robberies last week, one of which occurred at the same video store robbed today.


I just hope those two were wearing gloves during the robbery. I hope the cops were wearing gloves during the arrest. I hope the store clerk wears gloves. I think they should give gloves to the other inmates now. I'm typing this with gloves on. If guys like that are watching porno movies, then I'm going to pass on any invitation I might have to be a porno guy. Yuck.

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