Saturday, March 21, 2009

Heads or Tales? Fifty to One.

The West Van "revert" who used to spin for the Muslims, Khadija Abdul Qahaar, late hostess of Jihad Unspun, the lady also known as Beverly Giesbrecht, is losing her mind. No, not because she became a Muslim after 9-11, but because her whole head will soon be gone from her own self. She's going to be headed for Hell without a hat. The Taliban have her. Only you, dear reader, can save this poor helpless Muslim sympathizer from her up-coming really bad hair day, and you can do so by coughing up a mere two million bucks, which must be in, sorry to say, filthy Yankee lucre. I sent a cheque, but it bounced. Oh well, I did my best.

Heads Up: Jihad Unravelled has this posted:

Khadija Abdul Qahar is a devoted Muslim who created this web site.
Since 2002 she has operated a totally independent outlet for news about the Middle East.
With almost no resources, this tiny, and soon to be much shorter, woman raised the bar for courageous reporting.
She knew that her integrity would be attacked by both sides.
But Khadija appreciates the kind support from fellow Muslims world-wide.
Her primary goal is independent journalism that provides an alternate voice to Western media.
She was aware of the risks involved in her latest journey, but had faith in those who were supposed to protect her.
Pray to Allah that she will be allowed to continue her efforts.

This site will resume operation upon her release.

Now, now, I hear you saying that's plenty good reason to hope she never comes back from the tomb.

OK. You convinced me. But, ah, you know. Ah.... I'm thinking hard to find a reason for sympathy for her.... I'll get back to you on that one.

PESHAWAR, Pakistan – "I am Khadija Abdul Qahaar. I am a convert to Islam. I have been advised to make this video. I am going to be killed at anytime."

Well, I'm still thinking.

Here's a link to the video of The Lady Vanishes:

But if you're not interested in that, I am pleased to announce that I bought some nice potatoes and some red onions this evening. I have some broccoli and chicken in the fridge. So, it looks like I'll have a nice dinner. After that I might see if anyone else left a comment at the msnbc link expressing sympathy for the Jihad Unhinged lady. So far, out of 50 comments, someone did. Maybe it was me!

Ha ha. Just kidding.

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