Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What rough beast....

Obama as president of the United States of America.

How can you resist Obama?

I don't get how people can not vote for Obama. He's so inspiring. Every time I see him I think of the foo fighters song, "There goes my hero". That's pretty much because Obama is my hero.

I think he will make this world a better place. I'm pretty sure he will end world hunger and probably AIDS too. I just know he can do all this cause when I hear him speak I get excited on the inside.


My question is "How can we resist Obama?

Obama is likely to be elected to the highest office in our nation. We will have lost our nation's heart and soul should that happen. We will have elected a Communist after centuries of struggle for freedom. In one election we will have thrown out all our victories in pursuit of freedom, all the victories of Humanity's long struggle for personal privacy, all our best gains in the struggle to make Man's life a continuous act of personal liberty. In Obama we see the coming of the end of freedom for Mankind. In Obama we see the return of the King, the return of the feudal lord. Man, returned to his state as farm animal. When I hear him speak I want to throw up.

When I see the nation under the sway of a spell of lunacy, I want to stand up and fight back.

There's more. If, by some miracle, Obama is not elected, by hook or by crook, as our president, how can we resist this fascist movement? Obama is not going away, not even in death. He is a power of the people gone mad, and we must resist. What is to be done?

The American people have in large part gone insane, and to lose their hero by any means will drive them to further frenzies. He is theirs till he is exposed as the complete evil phantom his truly is. Even then they will not believe in his fallibility. He might in time be seen as a failure and a sham; but that alone will not discredit this beast. It is America that is failing, falling into madness; and to see Obama fail will only shift the idea of failure to those who can be accused as the cause of his failures: Those who resist Obama. The madness will continue long after Obama is gone. The madness is in the minds of those who are Irrationalist. Obama is a semaphore flapping in the breeze, decipherable to those who wish meaning onto his banner. It is fascism. This is the power of the mad crowd. If Obama fails, for whatever reason, the madness of the demonic crowd will further fan its madness. Ladies and Gentlemen, these are fascist times. Our people are insane.

If Obama is not elected to the presidency in America, the masses will rise to fury. We will face an open civil war at home and war broad. The dog wants meat, and he will go crazy if it's withheld from him after such a build-up as we have seen. The mad dog will not be sated, though, by mere election of Obama. But were he to lose this election, then we will see war in our cities, on our streets, perhaps in our very homes. Our people are insane. What is to be done?

If Obama is not elected, we at home face hatred, violence, and war at home. I prefer it.

I fear at this time that Obama will be elected.
How can free people resist the Obamanation? I fear he will be the president of the Untied States of America. This rough beast, win or lose, will destroy our nation as it is. We must look ahead now to see what is to be done should he come to pass and rule over us all. How will we resist?


CGW said...

What rough beast indeed.

Dag said...

When Yeats wrote "The Second Coming" I'm sure he had no visionary power to foresee Obama around the corner. But as a poet and a thinker, Yeats did grasp the nature of the beast, the beast that is the mob and the man. Every time has its challenge, and this is ours: Obamanation and the world Jihad combined against us in a quest for the return of Man to the feudal state of farm animal. It is up to those who are democrats, and who care to risk life and security, that we fight for Universal Modernity. For otherwise, that rough beast, its hour come round at last, will slouch toward Bethlehem to be born, to devour us all.