Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Soul selects her own Society--

The Soul selects her own Society--
Then--shuts the Door --

Human Rights for Hate Mongers?

Free speech or hate speech? Have you done or said something wrong? Are you a hate monger? If someone accuses you, what then?

Are you tolerating things you honestly don't like? Are you silently putting up with behavior that actually upsets you deeply? Are you nervous about saying so? You'd be right to fear, right because you could end up ruined for complaining aloud. You could be grabbed by Canada's Thought Police. You, a normal person, could be destroyed financially, socially, by law, all for saying the wrong thing in public.

Welcome to the State of Fear.

Mark Steyn, Canadian author, author of America Alone, maybe he's a hate-monger. He wrote a book. Someone complained. Now there is a hearing. The State will decide if Steyn is a hate criminal. Like you, he has opinions. He put his in print. He will be on trial for it. He will face the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. Hate crime. He will face the State of Fear.

Are you nervous about a remark you once made? Afraid someone will take offense? Concerned that you've said something you shouldn't have? That would be normal. That would be life in a Velvet Fascist police state where things are really, really nice-- or else!

Did you say something you shouldn't have? You didn't mean it, right? Are you scared? That'd be normal. In a State of Fear.

Writers and poets throughout the land, the times they are a'changing. You can't say that. You'll be reported.

Are you a Nazi and a racist? Does it matter what you are so long as someone accuses you? What could you do about it? Who'd risk defending you? Could you defend yourself? Aren't you guilty for just being alive? Don't you feel guilty?

All of our lives and our history, it's all so evil. Shouldn't we pay? Aren't we all guilty of something? Aren't you?

There is a religious movement in Canada that works to save you from your sins, even those you won't acknowledge, even ones you're not aware of. You are guilty because you are a sinner. So says the Religion of Human Rights advocacy, a government religion, a state religion, a religion of bureaucrats in offices, of clerks forever probing. Accusing. Finding hate. Finding -- you.

You said....

Remember that remark? that joke? that look you gave? Someone might, and it might come back to haunt you. In a State of Fear.

Your private life is not private in a State of Fear.

The government, the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, investigators and prosecutors of hate crimes, are forever searching for things of evil intent, for evil thoughts and deeds. For hate crimes. Maybe-- for you and what you said.

We all commit thought crimes. We are all guilty. Even you. It doesn't take much. Sometimes it takes nothing at all to be branded a hate monger, a racist, a thinker of bad thoughts. It's a crime.

Mark Steyn, a Canadian author, is so charged, and he is guilty-- just as you are. He faces ruin, as could you. The Thought Police. Clerks of the Human Rights Tribunal. Who is Mark Steyn? A man like you. It's his time to face the courts. He is guilty of thinking, of writing, of expressing opinion.

You, poet and maker of your mind and life, choose, and shut the door. In a State of Fear, bureaucrats kick it open and expose you. You are guilty.

B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. It's not about Human Rights. It's not about fee speech. It's about fear. A State of Fear.

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