Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Who Is Mark Steyn? You might Never Know.

Monday morning at 8:00 we'll be outside the courthouse on Robson st. here in Vancouver to protest in favor of Steyn's rights and yours to speak freely.

Here in Vancouver Canada a famous and entertaining writer, Mark Steyn, will be making a special guest appearance before a kangaroo court held by Death Hippies who don't like the fact that Steyn wrote poo-poo words. No, not dirty words that would get his mouth washed out with soap, I mean other poo-poo words that the nanny-state doesn't like. Nothing naughty. In fact, Steyn's a very bright and articulate intellectual. It's that, you see, he's not behaving himself on the playground of the nation to the satisfaction of the p.c. minders here. They are very upset with Mr Steyn, and he's been called to the principal's office. I know it's the principal's office because the princi-pal is my "pal." Steyn is called before the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal to get spanked. He was a bad boy. To which I say, "Fuck off!"

Like so many people today, Steyn wrote something the government has decided they can be upset about. It really doesn't matter what it is that upsets the government. Who the hell do they think they are to tell the people what to say or what to think? Personally I think, and I even write it: The government can fuck off! Bad boy that I am, I just don't care that a gang of bull-shit bureaucrats who aren't elected by anyone at all can haul a writer into a court of quasi-legal standing in the community and harass and bankrupt anyone as they please. They do it to Steyn, they might do it to me, and they'll come for you too someday. I don't really care what they do to you. You might be no good at all and have nothing to say that anyone wants to hear. You might be a rotten bastard altogether, and I might be happy to see you suffer. But even so, I think I have to stick up for you so the government doesn't get into the groove and come for me next or maybe my friends. I help you so I can do good for a guy I do like and tend to protect, he being me. Your free speech is my free speech.

Free speech. I'll be defending Steyn's and yours and that of my friends and the free speech of people I don't know and some I don't like. I'm doing it for myself. Yeah, OK, I'm doing it for the world too, cause that's the kind of guy I like to be though of as.

Don't let the government get away with this crap. No one elected the thought police. Even if someone had, they would still have no place in a democracy and they would be rightly turfed at any cost. The thought police of the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal are bad and the work they do is evil. I kid you not, these people are evil. This, friend, is Velvet Fascism, and fascism not less for being "nice."

Monday morning at 8:00 we'll be outside the courthouse on Robson st. here in Vancouver to protest in favor of Steyn's rights and yours too to speak freely. Meet us there. Free speech is an essential aspect of democracy. We're losing it. The thought police are going crazy, and we have to stop them somehow. They won't stop of their own accord. They're out of control, and we have to stop them. Government sponsored psycho baby-sitters have tied up the parents of the nation and we're being tortured in the basement for our own good. No, I really don't like it. Monday morning, Robson st. at 8:00.

Here's the upscale version of why;


Dag said...

What is Velvet Fascsim? Here's an example of what your'e in for:

A few days ago (Friday, May 23rd) 18 year-old Ben Smith was stopped, in a routine check by a police officer, while driving his Vauxhall Corsa to his home in Melksham, Wiltshire. The officer found nothing amiss, but noticed an England flag on the parcel shelf (which Mr. Smith used to cover his music system from potential thieves) and ordered him to remove it. According to Smith:

He saw the flag and said it was racist towards immigrants and if I refused to take it down I would get a £30 fine. I laughed because I thought he was joking, but then I realized he was serious so I had to take it down straight away. I thought it was silly – it's my country and I want to show my support for my country.

Show up and save yourself from this kind of madness.

truepeers said...

Dag, the main entrance of the court house in on Hornby, not Robson; so I think we will be there, unless they kick us out, in which case Robson or Revolution!

Vancouver visitor said...

How big a crowd are you organizing?

truepeers said...

vv, we just decided to do this last night and sent out a message today through blogs. So, it will probably be a small crowd, given the day and time and number of people in Vancouver who care about this. We are not leftists with a network of protesters already in place; we are going to have to learn how to beat them at their own game, but we're not there yet.

Dag said...

I forwarded what details I could this morning, and I'll spend the rest of the week fixing it up so we have as good and as dedicated a crowd as possible from whatever efforts I make. It's up to more than those of us here and Covenant Zone. I have the word out and I'm sure those people will do their utmost to help. Tomorrow I'll make some time to put up a proper post to try to get the point across rightly.

reliable sources said...


You wrote, "We are not leftists with a network of protesters already in place...."

The left doesn't rely strictly on the loyalty of supporters; they use a carrot to get them out. They offer free coffee and sometimes food to get people to show up.

Vancouver visitor said...

About the hangers-on whom the leftists lure out in order to swell their ranks: since they are in it for the freebies and are flexible in their principles, you can also entice them to join your demonstration and increase the impact of your message, can you not?

Dag said...

Truepeers and I go on at length about who we wish to attract to our meetings and rallies. We both spent some time with Ortega y Gasset on classes, elites, and democracy. I'm open to reaching anyone who cares, and Peers is too, to an extent. However, he cares to reach people who can make decisions at an executive level first; and I feel that it's a matter of movement rather than clique that's important. we could get numerous people just by offering stale sandwiches on the day before people get welfare checks, but it's not that good an idea if they rally don't care what they're there for. i want to reach people who live and work and have families and a stake in the community at a personal level, as it were. I think I might have undersold my sense of who those people are. here I write in an informal style, to say the least, and don't fuss much with my proofreading. At Covenant Zone I try to go a bit upscale while retaining my middle class approach to writing. And then Peers went and wrote two pieces that have attracted the world's attention,pieces that are his usual brilliant analysis of things as they are, somewhat abstractly presented, and it hit the world like a storm. He actually attracted the "elite" of the blogging world, particularly in Canada, and they aren't "elite" at all. They are the same people i wish to reach. We are all, to an extent, the thinkers in this nation. I prefer to approach my reader in a more personal style, and Peers is just plain brilliant. With Charles in the mix I think we cover a lot of readership ground, and the result is a lot of attention across the nation and beyond. So, we have more attention now than ever before, and I can only hope that we will continue to gain influence as we continue. It looks positive without having to resort to sandwiches.

We'll see on Monday when we try to leaflet the passer-by at mark Steyn's appearance at the local courthouse.

Our colleague RS might cover the case, which is the est hope we have of reaching the public fairly and accurately. I honestly have little expectation of the msm showing up and doing anything like respectable job. They are as bad, often, as the others who show up for sandwiches. Journalists want buffet, otherwise it's the same sort of crowd.

There goes any hope of good coverage! I'm being misquoted. I didn't really write that.

Vancouver visitor said...

Ah, OK. I see your strategy. It's very sensible. You aim to draw in the elites, the ones who have the real power to effect change. Would be good if you can successfully reach a few at the top of the pile. Still, no harm in doing a practice run in gathering a crowd, just to gain the experience. More knowledge is always good.

Dag said...

We're working on various hand-outs for the public and the press, should they chose to show up for this even on Monday morning. Peers' piece is clear and concise and logical. I have three short pieces from which to choose according to my audience. Charles, I believe, is making graphics. And we have roughly 100 slogans from the public to pass out to to the world at large.

If all that fails, it's sandwiches next time. Will try to post copies of my hand-outs asap. Perhaps late tomorrow.

reliable sources said...

Truepeers announced the protest as being at 800 Hornby so I put that on my blog. You're saying it's at the Robson side of the courthouse; I thought truepeers said it would be on Robson only if you weren't allowed to stand at the Hornby St. entrance.

Should I change the location of the protest on my blog? I've been getting lots of hits for my post on the protest.

Dag said...

I obviously don't know this city very well. The meeting will be at the side entrance to the court house, on Hornby street, around the corner from the big building that turns out to be the Art Gallery.

Thanks for the info and the update.