Thursday, January 24, 2008

Geert Wilders' Film Release Date

Comments from JihadWatch tell us that perhaps Geert Wilders' film will be delayed for a few more weeks. Regardless of the release time we will expect the apres cine to be of great viewing interest.

On the topic of movies, Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven took a shot at making a movie based very loosely on Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers. The American version is about people doing good by being in the military, while the Dutch version of the story is one of Humans being worse than invading space bugs. Gotta wonder how the Netherlands ended up where it is today. Verhoeven depicts the bugs as perhaps morally superior to Humans. Just an off-topic thought. Here are a couple of comments from JihadWatch readers on Geert Wilders' new movie upcoming:

All those video trailers, and there are many, are all a bunch of hoaxes.

Geert Wilders did not release any material, no trailers, no previews, nothing. Wilders only declared that the movie will show how fascist the Koran is. Thus if Ayaan Hirsi Ali refers to this as "to provocative" she only can refer to this declaration but not to the movie it self.

Also the release date is still unknown. But Geert Wilders has recently declared that his 15 minute movie is still not finished and that he needs at least three more weeks.

Posted by: Ferdy [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 24, 2008 6:34 AM

Ferdy, Wilders did indeed release the trailer. I've posted it at EuropeNews.

Another 3 weeks to finish it sounds reasonable.

I think Ayaan Hirsi Ali would do well in giving Wilders 'the benefit of doubt' that what he does is meaningful. No need to pass premature judgement on a project she hasn't seen. Funny. She's plenty provocative herself.

Posted by: Henrik [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 24, 2008 6:47 AM


See you at the movies.


Anonymous said...

Geert Wilders looks like a pedophile. I'd never trust him with my kids. He must be Catholic. A bit like the guy who runs JihadWatch, Bob Spencer. Now he really must be a pedophile.

Dag said...

I don't censor people who take the time to write here unless they direct threats at third parties. Write what you like, but don't do that.