Friday, November 02, 2007

"Can't we talk this over?" We can talk about this.

"De Schreeuw" by Jeroen Henneman, Oosterpark (Amsterdam, Netherlands). Memorial for murdered Dutch film director Theo van Gogh.

De Schreeuw ( The Scream) Memorial commemorating Theo van Gogh and a symbol of the freedom of speech

De Schreeuw

On March 18, 2007, a sculpture in memory of Theo van Gogh was unveiled in Amsterdam, De Schreeuw (The Scream). It is located in the Oosterpark, just a short distance from where van Gogh was murdered.

In August 2005 Amsterdam's East and Watergraafsmeer district council appealed along with friends and relatives of Theo van Gogh for artists to design an artwork to commemorate the murdered filmmaker. Early in 2006 The Scream by Jeroen Henneman (b. 1942, Haarlem) was selected. It features the profile of a face, leaning back and screaming. Receding layers culminate in a profile with a closed mouth. This is in the shape of Van Gogh's own profile.

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