Friday, December 08, 2006

That is so Muslim

We survived yet another of our weekly Thursday evening Blue Revolution meetings at Vancouver's central library. This evening, as we chatted and waited for new attendees to join us, Charles pointed across the atrium to a woman being beaten by a group of men. He said: "That is so Muslim."

And sure enough, as the evening wore on, Truepeers stopped us and nodded toward a group on men beheading a fellow whose hands were tied behind his back. John said: "That is so Muslim."

I am usually oblivious to my surroundings, but when I noticed a group of old women mutilating a young girl I found myself saying to the folks at our tables: "That is so Muslim."

After our meeting broke up at 11:30 I decided to pay a visit to our friend Jane, who didn't answer her door because she was being gang-raped. Well, I huffed, "That is so Muslim."

I toddled off home past a gang of young men burning cars along the street, throwing rocks at the police, and gang-raping more women. I heard a passer-by say: "That is so Muslim."

I think Charles has started something that is now out of control. Every time something typically Muslim comes up, such as those events above, I hear people saying: "That is so Muslim."

Pretending none of these things happen? "That is so French."


truepeers said...

This is so...

Dag, I think you are the man to blog at CZ on today's front page Vancouver Sun story.

Anonymous said...

for the latest example of 'that is SO muslim' go see D.T.'s site for latest comments. S-in-I borders on delusional.