Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our Boxing Day Present

We have our personal lives to tend to on a second by second basis every day of our lives, and it often doesn't leave a lot of time for reflection on the greater world or its people; thus, we rely for the most part on our public intellectuals to give us a broad view of the nature of things as we live in the details. The rotten bastards lie to us as a matter of course. Our universities are filled with ideologues and hate-mongering mediocrities who teach chanting and cliches and deliberate ignorance to teenage sociology students who go through too many years actually thinking they know something more than those who live life in situ. Bushitler, the world's greatest terrorist? Oh, spare me.

Here, from the Chicago Sun Times is the opening of a piece of real insight, and of common knowledge among those who live their own lives in the details without the benefits of a modern Western university education telling them they are exploiter capitalists raping Mother Earth and that they should quit having children and just die. No, here is some real truth spoken to the powerful and influential who won't for a moment let up their diatribes of hatred against Humanity. So here it is:

Lebanese refugee filled with gratitude for America

December 25, 2006
There is such serendipity in life. Such was the case recently when I stopped into a shop on the North Shore. Inside, I met Jackie, a beautiful, tall, thin, welcoming woman. As we began talking and doing business, I learned that she is from Lebanon, a Christian and married to a Christian from Syria.

I told her I thought her country was beautiful, and her face lit up.

"Oh, yes, it is very beautiful, thank you," she said.

"Why did you come here?" I asked.

"We had to come. They, the Muslims, would have killed us. We had to leave."

"Just for being Christian?" I asked.

"Just for being Christian," she replied.

Then Jackie said the thing that seemed, and was, so serendipitous. She said: "I hope America keeps the pressure on, keeps helping Lebanon. If America forgets Lebanon, then forget it. Lebanon will be lost." Her comment came just moments after I had been in my car, listening to a news report on the radio in which pundits were discussing what would happen if America pulled out of Iraq now.

Jackie told me that the Muslim extremists who have moved into Lebanon and its government push their weight around like members of the Nazi Party. She said they've multiplied their numbers by having multiple wives and many children -- and that they use the media to make certain the world knows that they distribute food to the needy, but hide the fact that they kill Christians and use them as human shields in any battles.


Read the whole thing at the link above. Not everyone lies to us. The reporter above lets one woman tell the truth. It's something we seldom are allowed to do in the presence of our elites. Who needs 'em! HAMAS is a criminal gang of primitive scum bags, and Palestinians are animal savages. Yeah, and do you get a chance to read that in the daily rag?

Didn't think so.


Anonymous said...

Truth is becoming rarer and rarer... I picked up Time magazine the other day (mistake) thinking it would be interesting to see their take on the Internet. It was so full of liberal BS... Al Gore (according to them) is going to "save the planet" for his "second act". *gag*


Speaking of Al Gore, we were talking with some Ethiopian friends Friday night and I was telling one how that new Penguin movie is so scary, with the poor penguins dying because the evil humans are causing global warming, etc, etc,,,, kids are literally crying at the movie. My friend said "Who made it? Al Gore?" HA!

dag said...

So much of what passes by us is mere attitude, not a thought ever thought, just emoting the latest cliches from the trendiest of the day. I hate the thought of Al Gore. He makes me sick to think about him. He's not only American, he's representative of a good half of the nation's people. He doesn't begin to represent a woman who fled from terror and savagery to come to America to live a free and private life. Gore represents the sworst of the sentimentalists who posture and pose and preen and elevate atheism and confuse it with moral sophistication. I get so sick of the spoiled and effete fools who demand we save the world by destroying America. We face a civil war if we don't reclaim our public discourse for the sane. Al Gore is an evil piece of work; and that he represents so many Americans makes me wonder who outside who would be American will simply end up murdered instead. Those who could be Americans but can't go to America won't be saved from terrors and horror in their own lands either because too many Americans won't allow people to live and protect themselves, won't support just war in favor of the middle, those Americans like Gore preferring that the people die reather than that Gore's shoes get dirty even by implication. War for the sake of saving those who in their minds could be and would be Americans? Not for Gore and his lot. It would spoil their images as sensitive guys who love trees and birds and puppies. meanwhile, people die for nothing so Gore can pose. Attitude. I say go forth and fight without Gore.

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