Saturday, October 28, 2006

I'm a Sowell man!

Mit der Dummeit kampfen Gotter selbst vergebens.

Friedrich Schiller.

I dined out this evening with Jane. I heard nightmare tales of the lower east side of Vancover, Canada, of the poverty pimps who have destroyed the lives of countless people in their efforts to improve things, to make Heaven on Earth, and of the cynical ploys the poverty pimps use to enrich themselves at the expense of the tax-payers and at the cost of the lives of the poor.

Schimmbessurung: Worsening by improvement.

Plato calls these people Philosopher Kings; Eric Voegelin calls them gnostics; Sowell refers to them as the anointed; a local media man calls them "higher purpose people." Jane calls them poverty pimps. I refer to them as Left Dhimmi Fascists. Whatever we call them they are the same actors, the same dangerous and murderous people who have from time beginning caused harm and death to the unwary. It's time we rid ourselves of their influence in our societies.

We here in Vancouver are busy reading the works of Thomas Sowell. We hope to have others who are familiar with or curious about Sowell's works join us on thursday evening at Vancouver Public Library in the atrium for our regular Thursday evening meetings so we can discuss Sowell's writing and ideas, and perhaps we can formulate some plans to restore our societies to a more realistic state of affairs. We'll be at VPL from 7-9:00 pm.

If Schiller had any sense he would have just written in english in the first place: "Against stupidity even the Gods are helpless."

Let's get rid of the Left dhimmi fascists, end what Sowell calls our self-inflicted wounds.


t-ham said...

Hi dag,

I read "In Search of Cosmic Justice" a while back. Another good Sowell book.

Pastorius said...

The Vision of the Annointed is a great book. It is sitting on my nightstand.

dag said...

Hi T-ham, sorry I haven't responded sooner. aI recal that you recommended Sowell some time back, as did Charles Henry. I finally sat down and read a book he wrote. I love it. This is the beauty of our common progress, that others can suggest a book that leads to some glowing life in a man who would otherwise be a dull boy.

Pastorius, why is your book sitting on a table? Can't you offer it a chair?

I am writing up a short announcement for posting at our 21 local library branches here in Vancouver, Canada, in the hope that the library will send them out for the public on the bulletin boards. Truepeers suggested wording along this line:

"Controversial Afro-American intellectual, Thomas Sowell...."

or, "Celebrated Afro-American intellectual, Thomas Sowell...."

This city, and the library itself to a grdater degree, is so politically correct that we might have trouble getting the notices up, but if we do, or if we have to go through other channels, using Sowell as a draw for our meeetings each Thursday is bolund to be a huge success.

How's this for an anecdote: my local book dealer got so angry when I asked if he had Sowell titles that I thought he'd have a stroke. The guy is in his early 30's. He's a businessman. He is also so deeply indotrinated that the idea of Sowell books in his shop(s) got him purple in the face and so incoherent that he was choking and spitting about how he doesn't sell hate literature. I thought he'd actually call me outside for a fist fight!

Today, after avoiding the shop for months, I walked past, saw the owner was out, and went in to find-- Thomas Sowell, Knowledge and Decisions.

What do you do when you live in a zoo?

I bought the book. Who cares if the owner is a loony. Maybe now that it's sold he'll think he can sell another one. I love the free market.

Jacko, when you put the book tobed, put the cover over it.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read any of Sowell's books, though I browsed an interview with him on the subject of 'The Vision of the Anointed.' He reminded me of Christopher Lasch, minus the insightful critiques of capitalism. I preferred Lasch, despite my comfort with the market. Then again, Sowell probably deserves a read to give him a detailed review.

truepeers said...

"African-American" would be better, Dag

Heh, I just met a librarian, Jim, from one of our suburbs - is that the name of your friend?

dag said...

I haven't read Lasch for many years, and I don't have a strong opinion of him now, likely menaing that I wasn't deply impressed by his book Thr True and Only heaven. I do like Hawthorne though, and used some of his narative here earlier to make some point or other. Let us know here what you make of Sowell if you do read The Vision of the Anointed. I like it very much, obviously.

African American it is.

No, my friend is someone else, one I hope we will meet in person at some point.