Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Trotting out the Dhimmis

The Death Hippies were out again in force recently. Some of our old favorites, George Galloway, for example, the Trotskyite, posed and preened for the cameras. The usual suspects, the usual hate-mongering, the usual Trotskyite crap. And yes, dear reader, it passes in the mind of the average man as the norm, as the moral Golden Rulership, the way it should be if ony it weren't for the hated Americans and the even more hated Israelis.

Trotskyites? Do we think we agree with them on anything at all? Well, yes, the average man is clearly in the camp of the Trots. Does he have the slightest idea? Not likely. How can people be so ill-informed about the very security of their personal lives? I am stumped.

It's not a secret that the Death Hippies want to kill people en masse. And yet there is this whole movement sliming its way over our streets that people refuse to spot in spite of its disgusting presence. How can people not see this, or, being unable not to see, how can they stare straight ahead and ignore it?

Below we see the usual lot of terrorists and their cheerleaders, and we see the fools who weep and emote in public like this is a funeral for Princess Dianna. Yes, the same cynicism and the same sentimentality and the same sickening phoniness; but in this case, the adulation is of murderers, and the public remains silent and afraid to fight back or even stupidly joins in, thinking they are moral.

It actually gets worse: not all the Leftists are Trots. Some are Stalinists. How they manage to put aside their differences is even more confusing to me. Perhaps they don't even know anylonger their historical quarrles. Maybe they don't even care anymore, united only by hatrred of Modernity and love of death.

How much longer till the people rise up and hang these fascists from lamp posts?

British MP Supports Lebanese Resistance by Breaking Blair's Terror Law
By M Ghazali Khan

London, 24 July. The known British politician and anti-war Respect Party's MP George Galloway on Saturday attacked Prime Minister Tony Blair for his support to George Bush and broke his recently passed legislation that prohibits glorification of terrorism by praising Hizbullah.

"I am here to glorify Hizbullah. I am here to glorify Hamas." He told a gathering of 30,000 protesters in London amid loud clapping and cheers.

He reminded the audience that 60 years ago King David Hotel was bombed in which 92 people had died, 71 of whom were Jewish. He said that this act of terrorism was committed by Menachim Begin, who, after becoming Israel's Prime Minister, sent Ariel Sharon to slaughter Palestinians and in Sabra and Shaita camps. Galloway quoted Sharon as having said that there was a difference between an act of terror and act of resistance. Galloway emphasised that what was happening in Lebanon today had its routes in what happened decades ago and not what had happened few days ago.

Praising Hizbullah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, Galloway said,"Hizbullah has never been a terrorist organisation, Hizbullah is a resistance movement of Lebanon."

In his speech Palestinian scholar and activist Azzam Tamimi, [ http://www.ii-pt.com/web/cv.htm ] whose mother had been displaced when she was 16, assured Galloway that if he was sent to prison, "We will all follow you."

The rally was addressed by 20 speakers including Muslims, Christians, Jews and governing Labour Party's vociferous anti-war MP Jermey Corbyn.

The Demonstration was organised by Stop the War coalition and Muslim Association of Britain and newly formed Muslim Initiative.


One of the most bizarre scenes in today's demonstration was uniformed police officers making video film of the marchers. Some protesters saw this act as provocative. http://www.indianmuslims.info/book/print/3522

Azzam Tamimi writes of old colonial powers and the newly formed government rulers of the early 20th century: [T]he US took over, maintaining systems of governance in these newly emerging entities - providing ruling elites with moral, material and military support. Little has changed since then, apart from the imperialist master and the fact that the advance in technological warfare has enabled this master, so far, to maintain the status quo with ever greater vigour.

Unlike other parts of the world, and in contrast even to the norm in some neighbouring states, the Arab peoples ruled by these regimes have had very little say, if any, in the manner in which their affairs are run. While some analysts find it convenient to blame Arab or Muslim culture for this lack of democracy, I would argue that it is only the stringent control imposed from outside that denies to the peoples of this region what has readily been recognised as a basic human right elsewhere in the world.


[I]t did not matter what any of those despots did to their own people, so long as their regimes posed no threat to what were seen as western interests - namely oil and Israel - and still better so long as these regimes were loyal allies.


And who is the real victim in all of this? It is none other than democracy itself, whose name has been tarnished and whose values are increasingly associated in the minds of many Arabs and Muslims with military invasion to replace one corrupt despotic secular regime with another more willing to bend the knee to US and western diktat.

Azzam Tamimi is spokesman of the Muslim Association of Britain and director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought.


The Stop the War Coalition (StWC) (informally just Stop the War) is a UK anti-war group set up on 21 September 2001.

The "war" in the Coalition's title refers to the various wars that are claimed to be part of the war on terrorism. The Coalition has been the most prominent group in Britain campaigning against the war in Afghanistan which deposed the Taliban government, and the invasion of Iraq which deposed Saddam Hussein. The demonstration against the latter on February 15, 2003, which it organised in association with CND and the Muslim Association of Britain, is generally accepted as the largest public demonstration in British history. The StWC has been subject to controversy over the level of control of the Socialist Workers Party and its relationship with Muslim organisations.


The impetus to form the Stop the War Coalition came following the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks in the USA. The Coalition was launched at a public meeting of over 2,000 people in the Friend's Meeting House in London [1] , which was chaired by Lindsey German, then editor of the Socialist Workers Party's magazine Socialist Review. German argued that the action in Afghanistan, then under contemplation unless the Taliban government gave up Usama bin Laden, would lead to that country's "destruction", and "possibly a wider conflagration in the Indian subcontinent, Iran and the Middle East." Other speakers at the meeting included Jeremy Corbyn (Labour MP for Islington North, Bruce Kent (of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), and John Rees (of the Socialist Workers Party).

Lindsey German became Convenor of the Coalition and a meeting on October 28 settled the Coalition's official aims. This meeting also elected a Steering Committee which consisted of a spectrum of left-wingers including representatives of Labour Left Briefing and the Communist Party of Britain. The Communist Party of Great Britain and Alliance for Workers Liberty [2] failed to get elected, although both became members of the Coalition and participated in its activities.

During the build-up to the Iraq war the Coalition adopted the slogan 'No to a racist backlash', asserting that a war against Iraq would be perceived as an attack on Islam and that Muslims, or those perceived as Muslim, would face racist attacks in Britain if the government joined the war. The Coalition worked closely with the Muslim Association of Britain in organising its demonstrations.


Following the 7 July 2005 London bombings, STWC in association with Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Muslim Association of Britain held a Vigil for the Victims [4] at Peace Garden in Euston, London on Saturday 9 July 2005 and a further solidarity gathering at Russell Square, close to one of the Underground stations targeted, on Sunday 17 July 2005. At the later StWC national convenor Lindsey German condemned the bombings--

but added that "The only way to end the bombings is to withdraw from Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. When we have justice around the world we will have peace as well." [5] .



For the "Canadian" version, see link below:


We meet weekly to protest against these people. They are a danger, and they kill people. What is to be done?

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religion of pieces said...

Trotsky did say at least one sensible thing.

"You might not be interested in war, but war is interested in YOU"

Make that "You might not be interested in Islam, but Islam is interested in YOU" , and there's the reason in a nutshell why the huge apathetic majority of the public, the dhimmis who don't know the meaning of the word 'dhimmi', should become Islamically aware.

Islam is interested in you if you are Jewish - it is interested in your extermination.

Islam is interested in you if you are Christian - it is interested in your subjugation and exploitation.

Islam is interested in you if you are Buddhist or Hindu - it is interested in making an offer of conversion you can't refuse.

Islam is interested in you if you are gay - it is interested in using you as a building foundation.

...and so on.

It is high time that Mr and Mrs Joe public reciprocated Islam's interest. We need to make every week 'Islam awareness week'.