Friday, July 14, 2006

MAWO Vancouver Death Hippies.

The whole world is watching!
The whole world is watching!
The whole world is watching!

Truepeers is organising a demonstration against the Death Hippies in Vancouver, Canada next weekend, July 21-23, 2006.

The whole world will be watching as we descend on the Death Hippies in Vancouver, Canada in the coming week to demonstrate once again that Left dhimmi fascism has an opponent, the people, the united people, the people who will crush this snakehead reactionary movement of evil that is the Left.

The whole world is watching.

We're taking it to the streets again in Vancouver to protest the death machine that is the Left.


Down with the Death Hippies!

Vancouver Hip Hop Festival is Hate Festival - Protest MAWO Vancouver

A bunch of anti-American, antisemitic, hate-mongering "pacifists" - MAWO Vancouver - whose website calls, among other things, for support of the Toronto 17, and for Canada's withdrawal from Afghanistan - is next week holding an event in Vancouver - the Hip Hop Festival Against War and Occupation - that has sponsorship from the City of Richmond and the District of West Vancouver as well as several other community and academic organizations.

Normally, I would not willingly put my ears in proximity to hip hop resentment. But the fact that Canadian taxpayers are being asked to sponsor - through various tax-supported institutions - this anti-western hatefest, organized by a terrorist-sympathizing group, just frightens me too much. I would like to organize a counter-demonstration.

Please contact Truepeers at the following blog to leave your comments and suggestions and ask for further details.

There is a direct link here to see what the Death Hippies are planning on the surface.

The whole world is watching! Be there to show them we fight back! No terrorists. No appeasement. No Dhimmitude!


Pastorius said...

I love the way you have turned their incendiary language around on them like this, Dag.

Funny thing is, it's all true of them.

Jane said...

I'm sure MAWO will be pleased to hear that one of the Toronto 17 just got bail.

Anonymous said...

These 'hippies' never killed anyone, so using the adjective 'death' is not right and a much better description of a fascist elite whom you support and should be fighting on the front-lines for unless you're a coward of course!

dag said...

I'm devastated by your superiour argument.