Friday, May 26, 2006

Insh'allah Turkeys

Islam is a lot like sex: if one has never done it it'll be hard to read about it and believe that sane people actually do those things. OK, sex isn't that weird. At worse you might lose an eye. Islam might kill you flat out. We pick up part of a story on Turkey below from Western Resistence.

Turkey: Islamist Driving Manual Sends Secularists Around The Bend

The issue of road safety in Turkey is a political hot potato. Turkey has a poor record for bad driving, and last year, 3,000 people died on Turkish roads. Last Friday, May 19, a crash in southern Turkey made international news when two trucks collided, and 40 people were killed (pictured). The Turkish Daily News states that most of the dead were illegal immigrants, mostly from Afghanistan, trying to enter Europe. They had been standing upright in a tarpaullin-covered truck when their vehicle collided with a truck near Osmaniye. The illegals were thrown out onto the road.

According to the World Bank Group, Turkeys rates of road accidents are 3 to 5 times the levels of countries in the European Union. A report by a Turkish government agency states that normally 7,000 people a year die on Turkey's roads. The cost in injuries and property damage are costing Turkey about 2% of its GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

The hazards of Turkish driver's habits are such that the United States State Department has issued a set of guidelines, warning American tourists of how to cope with the locals' bad driving and when to avoid the roads.

In light of Turkey's appalling record of road safety, a new safety manual for drivers has been produced, according to AKI which implies that road safety matters less about skills, and more about the will of Allah.

The 66-page manual, entitled: "Traffic Education and Information for Students" has an introduction by Ahmet Misbah Demircan, the mayor of Beyoglu, a city within the conurbation of Istanbul. This man is a member of Erdogan's Islamist-based AKP or Justice and Development party. Demircan has stated in the introduction that there is little a person can do to avoid road accidents.

Demircan states that "even a leaf cannot move" without God granting it permission, and says that traffic accidents are a part of a person's fate. Ultimately, he says nothing can be done to prevent traffic accidents.

Amongst the main text of the manual, there are numerous islamic quotations. 10,000 copies of this manual have gone to print, and its Islamist disdain for actual road safety has invoked the wrath of the firecely secular opposition party, the People's Party (CHP).

Two politicians from the CHP (Ozlem Cerioglu and Nail Kamaci) have submitted a motion in Turkey's parliament for all copies of the manual to be withdrawn.

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Maybe Turkish Muslims should restrict their activities to the back seats of cars rather than to the front. Or maybe not. The honor killiings would likely kill more people than bad driving of other sorts.


Jane said...

Have you seen the latest appeasement of Muslims in Canada? It's a pathetic site, especially since it was apparently ordered by a Jewish woman, Heather Reichman.
Reichman owns the Indigo Books chain where this month's Harper's magazine has been pulled off the shelves to avoid offending Muslims. It's also been pulled off the shelves at Indigo subsidiaries under the name Chapters or Coles.
There's a name for identifying with abusers, Heather. Stockholm syndrome.

dag said...

Thanks for the input, Jane. I think it calls for roses, dinner and wine, an evening of dancing and romance. Will you settle instead for a Harper's Magazine from a reputable place instead?

I'm going to Chapter's to cause a scene. Damn them anyway. If I end up in the hospital, please bring me a Harper's Magazine. I love the index.

Jane said...


Dag, can you believe it?
There's a "hive" of radical Islamists in the Nuclear Science Dept. of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. That's according to Paul Williams, author of several books on Islamic fundamentalists, who travelled to McMaster to investigate. Williams talked about his discoveries during an interview on Thursday night with George Nori on the "Coast to Coast" radio show.
Several professors in the Nuclear Science faculty at McMaster, Williams claims, are radical Islamists. So are many of the students. We are not talking about "a couple of dozen" people, he says, but a few hundred. Some of these students have been accepted to McMaster without even producing proper high school documentation from the Middle East.
But it gets scarier. So much nuclear material has disappeared from McMaster University, that they have "lost their license".
And one Islamic radical seen as a potential leader of another 9/11 was trained, guess where? In fact, Williams says, it is all too common for an Islamic fundamentalist with nuclear science training to have roots at McMaster.
McMaster was not amused by the broadcasting of their dirty little secret to 20 million people. The next night, Nori read a statement from McMaster asserting that Williams' allegations were "false." Nori stood by Williams though. He also pointed out that at least two radical Islamists from McMaster have gone underground and are wanted by the FBI and CIA.
Let's review. Missing nuclear material. Islamic radicals. A wide open border. Could this mean another verse for the jingle, "Blame Canada"?

dag said...

That's significant. Thank you very much, Jane.