Monday, October 17, 2005

Chechnyan Babes Cheaper by the Dozen?

Guys, if your love life is looking grim look no further for relief than scenic Chechnya where the gals will fall all over you no matter who you are or how badly you shave in the morning. Yes, thanks to the miracles of modern warfare, Chechnyan chicks are short of guys, and are they ever hot! Look to the story below for the spark to rekindle your hopes in life:

The abnormal demographic situation connected to a genocide of Chechen people by Russian invaders has developed in the Chechen Republic, informs "Kavkaz Center". According to two years' prescription the 60 % of the population are women and only 40 % - man (normal is 49 % on 51 %). In the story "

One man on three women " written by Aizan Taramov, the editor - in - chief of magazine " Vainakh " who was published in 2 literary magazines is informed that to the Chechen women especially educated hardly are able to find husbands. So-called "discos" or children beyond the marriage, that widely practices new democratic Russia, are not adoptable for Moslems.

"All Chechens have been thinking about haw to survive for already 10 years. For - high mothers- there is no place ", speaks Taramov. Russian invaders have brutally killed the huge number of the Chechen men and continue to kill. Writer Musa Beksultanov the supporter of polygamy, but he speaks, that invaders have so plundered all Chechens and the Chechen Republic, that at Chechen men frequently do not suffice money to contain one wife, let alone several. He tells, that in his village ten young Chechens want to marry, but can not, as they have no the income. Inhabitants of village therefore have decided to lower "repayment" for the bride from 500 dollars up to 175.

Other Chechens consider, that invaders will not allow to enter polygamy as their purpose consists in utter annihilation of all Chechens as people in the occupied Chechen Republic, " the Caucasian courier " writes French Caucasian portal, branch of English-speaking London Institute of reporting on war and the peace.

Kavkaz Center

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