Monday, July 18, 2005

Omar's has latest Beheading Video, Now on DVD


Undead Ed said...


Lets face it, Islam is a successful movement against the democratic West because it's population is expanding beyond it's merit.

Sure, most Muslims live in squalor, reject technology and social modernity BUT they have the formula to defeat the West's most cherished convention, that of democratic elections.

You have repeatedly bemoaned the virtual takeover of communities, even entire cities in Europe by Muslim immigrants/citizens - they vote as a block and they aren't voting for Joe Liberal! They want Sharia Law and state sponsored imams and Islamic madrassa.

One of the pillars of democracy is majority rule and Islam is quickly getting the upper hand in every environment where they are allowed to seed a community.

Now what?

Oh, about the subject of this post - It appears a family of squirrels living in the heavily wooded Washington interior are responsible for frequent forest fires. Every year or so one of the squirrels will short circuit some high tension wires and burst into flames. The smoldering squirrel then falls to the ground and catches the tinder dry underbrush on fire causing severe stress to the squirrel community.

Should the other squirrels of this community seek out and destroy, root and branch, the squirrel family with the penchance for high voltage in order to make the rest of the community safer?

Food for thought? or just intellectual junk food.

Undead Ed

dag said...

Ed, are you sure you're undead?

Well, yes, you might have a legitimate point about the demographic overthrow of the West as we know it. It's the nature of Nature to move things around, as it were, and moving one group of beings to another place is a simple natural reaality, one that we're seeing in the migration of Moslems to the West. It's impossible to argue against the reality, but there are some things we can address about how it's happening, reardles of whether we can do anything to change the course of it.

Some, even many, in the West, feel that Moslems are a serious threat to the continuation of life as we know it, as a progressive and modern world based on the principles of reason, democratic government, capitalism, and Human rights within a system of codified secular law without privilege.

The nature of our states come from the Age of Enlightenment, taking solid form only in the past 250 years, roughly, and as such, our states are a revolutionary phenomenon. Elsewhere one Earth, as it has been for the past 5,000 years since the beginning of the Agricultural Revolution, people live as peasants, in a primitive state of proto-fascism, a state some of us in the West have finlly evolved from into the state of revolutinary Modernity that we think of as natural and beneficial to at least ourselves if not the rest of Humanity.

True, some of our leading intellectuals, many of our citizens, many of our immigrants, do not hold high the principles of Modernity. Those of us who do defend the West in its Modernity hold to the principle of democracy and Human rights for all, regardless of their race, religion, sex, sexual preferences, and such. We tolerate dissent even when we virulently disagree with the dissenters. We protect the rights of minorities within the framework of the rule of the majority. we do not allow the state over-arching powers to interfere in the private lives of our citizenry, though they try and try. We are allowed within reason to live without undue taxation, and one might argue, with no taxation at all if the majority demands it. In short, in economic terms, the baso of the mode of production is Liberal, society is a negative democracy, i.e we do not do to the people as opposed to a positive democracy which does.

In the West, to greater or lesser degrees, people are free to pursue their own interests and happiness, evne when it is harmful to society at large, as in drinking alcohol, for example.

And so too it is with abortion, the likely cause of the failing birth rate among Westerners as opposed to the immigrant peasants from the Third World. We do not have Augustan laws requiring women to breed new citizens. We have the personal right to die out if we so act. If Nature moves and we do not, well, it was fun while it lasted.