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London, Through the Glass Dhimmi

Some comments from the LGF board below, thanks to various readers there who went sliming at DU/KK pond for commentary on the bombings in London yesterday. Below that is a piece from the Lebannon Daily Star. I can't tell the difference. Can you tell the difference?

jamgarr 7/7/2005 11:07AM PDT

Along the same lines - here's my post from an earlier thread:

I was curious as to what the Kos Kids were saying about the UK bombings (which is like being curious as to whether the sun will rise in the east tomorrow). My quick survey of the comments there which expressed grief for the victims of those terrible crimes revealed the following quotes:

"I agree we should mourn the dead from today's attack ... but"

"Today we can sympathize with the victims and their families ... but"

"By all accounts this is horrible ... but"

"My thoughts go out to everyone in London ... but"

"What happened today was a horrible tragedy ... but"

"My heart goes out to everyone in London ... but"

"This is a tragedy ... but"

Mellow Traveller 7/7/2005 11:09AM PDT

Depraved groupthink run amok. Panicked hippie twaddle. Mostly though it's,..."everyone's fault whom I don't agree with for whatever insipid, poorly reasoned, trite logic I've been fed by everyone else here."
Some of the typical comments I've read so far are:

"Well if we are going to blame people we should also Blame their (note: Britain) leaders too, not just the ones in the US. We should also blame the cowards who did it. Although my first thought was the IRA, but that doesn't seem to be adding up."

"And bring back "DIPLOMACY!" Like sitting down w/those we do not agree wit, nor understand and say "Let's talk."

Screw the powers that are (no longer to be - they are already at that pivotal level).

How about "HOLDING HANDS" not just across American to re-unite our nation that's divided by Hur Bullshi$ and bLAIR but to show solidarity for all humanity accross the globe.

Anyone notice what that one report said - Trying to "divide" Brits now too. WTF? Just like here, maybe?"

"damn I hope everyone is ok.
It's a shame that things have to be like this. Innocents have to suffer because of nuts on both sides."

"how sad is this the 'terrorist attack' that bush/blair will use to justify more war?"

"It's their fault to begin with for not going after the right people. Bib Laden? We don't really care about him? We know where he is?. Then why the fuck didn't you get him? Bush and Blair bear the responsibility for this. Entirely. F#^*ers."

Dianna 7/7/2005 11:10AM PDT

#47 TotallySirius

In one way, that's good. We can see that there are still a few working brain-cells over there.

In another way, it's even better. They're winnowing their own ranks down to the frothing mad, and soon, very soon, they'll descend into internicene warfare, with competitions for who can be most radical.

They'll be so busy proving their orthodoxy to one another that their irrelevance will become apparent. The rational ones will eventually wake up, and come around.

Pity it's going to take so long that the real war will be over. Kind of like the Trotskyists.

templar 7/7/2005 11:17AM PDT


Find THE TRUTH with this easy, four step process. Build you conspiracy today!

Step 1: Pick Your Oppressor!

1. Chimpy McHalliburtonstein
2. Cheney
4. The Jews (also refered to as hook-nosed Zionazi stormtroopers)
5. Halliburton
6. Trilateral Commision
7. Project for a New American Century
8. Big Oil
9. Big Pharma
10. Neo-Cons
11. Rethuglicans
12. Faux News
13. Rumsfeld

Step 2: Pick Your Method!

1. Rigged Election
2. Invasion
3. Curtail your liberties
4. Hurt the Poor
5. Oppress
6. Dominate with Capitalism
7. Silence the majority
8. Pollute
9. Violate Civil Rights
10. Rendition!

Step 3: Pick Your Victim!

1. liberals
2. blacks
3. gays
4. hispanics
5. MUSLIMS (2 bonus points for this one)
6. the poor
7. the working poor
8. homeless people
9. seniors
10. the people
11. aids victims
12. puppies

Step 4: Pick Your Reason!

1. For Cheap Oil
2. To enrich his Oil buddies
3. Halliburton
4. To protect the Jews
6. to control the Middle East Water Supply
7. Greater Israel
8. Because he/they are evil
9. Because he/they enjoy it
11. Theocracy
12. Because they take orders from Riyahd
13. Because they take orders from the Pentagon
14. Because he/they are racists
15. Because he/they are islamophobes
16. Because he/they are homophobes

Rayra 7/7/2005 11:22AM PDT
#80 David Simon 7/7/2005 11:19AM PDT
Ah, nothing like a trip down memory lane:

"you forgot the number one reason that American presidents send their bravest and brightest to fight and die abroad- to protect the interests of the stockholders of American corporations."

I haven't heard that one since I was a teenager passing around the bong.

It's likely the SAME person saying it. Stringy, leathery-skinned gray/white pony-tailed Socialist.

Mideast links London attacks to Western policy
Muslim community expresses fear of backlash

Compiled by Daily Star staff
Saturday, July 09, 2005

Mideast links London attacks to Western policy

Iran unanimously condemned the bomb attacks in London as "unacceptable and inhumane," but a top cleric nevertheless argued the blasts were direct result of U.S. and Israeli policies. His theory was one which was being repeatedly expressed in the region following Thursday's deadly attacks.

"You talk about Al-Qaeda. Have you forgotten who has bred Al-Qaeda?" Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani asked at a prayer sermon at Tehran University.

"It's the illegitimate child of America and Israel, but you name it Islam. This savagery is not Islam. It is coming from inside of you and it is now punching you," he said in comments directed at British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Iran has linked the rise of Al-Qaeda to U.S. policy in the 1980s, when the CIA and Saudi Arabia pumped billions of dollars into hard-line Islamist groups battling the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and went on to back the Taliban militia - which Iran opposed.

"You created all this to plague us, but now it is plaguing you. You have done that before, by equipping Saddam with weapons to fight us, but now you are bogged down in Iraq," he said, referring to U.S. backing for Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein when he fought Iran in the 1980s.

"You have to learn from this and come to your senses."

Hours after Thursday's blasts killed more than 50 people and wounded a further 700, Iran's Foreign Ministry "condemned the terrorist attacks that caused deaths and injuries among British citizens," the state news agency IRNA reported.

But the top Iranian cleric went on to criticize U.S. President George W. Bush, who has labeled Iran the world's number-one sponsor of terrorism.

"You train terrorists and state terrorism. If you want to succeed you have to leave Palestine alone," he said. "Acting against terrorism must be honest ... and you will not succeed unless you wise up and change your ways."

Among Iraqis, who face suicide bombings on a daily basis, many also blamed U.S. and British policies for the rise in extremism worldwide.

Sheikh Jalaleddin al-Saghir said during a sermon at the Shiite Baratha mosque in the capital that "Britain, which has recently opened the door to former Saddam loyalists, must now see that the terror plaguing the people of Iraq can spread into the subway stations resulting in this disgraceful massacre."

Another preacher, Sheikh Zakaria al-Tamimi, speaking at the Ibn Taimiyah mosque, home to the Salafist orthodox brand of Sunni Islam, said "we heard that the London attacks have terrorized the world. Why is the world not reacting to the daily killing of innocent people in Iraq, why did the world not rise to the killing of thousands of Iraqis by invading Americans?"

On the streets of the capital, ordinary Iraqis reacted with a mixture of pity and resentment.

"Bush and Blair say Iraq is the battleground in the fight against terrorism, and they say they need to fight here to stop violence from spreading to their own homes," said Soad Mohammed, 40, a teacher in a Sunni district of Baghdad.

"But it's precisely because of what they're doing in Iraq that they now face violence at home," she said.

Mustafa Mohammed, 45, selling furniture in the Sunni district of Al-Adhamiyah, said "it's U.S. and British policy toward the Arab world and toward Iraq which is to blame for the attack in London.

"If you live in a glass house you shouldn't be throwing stones," he added.

Nabil Mohammad, a professor of international relations at Baghdad University, said "the West must alter its policies or the whole world will be engulfed in violence.

"In Iraq people have been subject to attacks for over two years all because of the occupation of the country" by foreign forces.

Attacks in Baghdad currently average about 20 a day, including both bombings and shootings. Car bombs average eight a week.

An editorial in Egypt's state-run Al-Gomhuriyya daily also took the West to task for its "war on terrorism," saying this had failed to provide security for Americans or Europeans.

"The American administration must try fair solutions for the issues of occupied people as this will dry up the sources of terrorism and return stability to the world," it said.

Meanwhile, the Muslim cleric who led Friday prayers at the Jerusalem Al-Aqsa Mosque - the third holiest site in Islam - criticized comments made by Blair over the London bombings.

Saying those behind the attacks acted "in the name of Islam," Blair said: "It's through terrorism that the people that have committed this terrible act express their values and it's right at this moment that we demonstrate ours."

"Where were the values of Great Britain at the cursed Balfour Declaration, when it gave Jews the right to establish a country on Palestinian land?" retorted Sheikh Yussef Abu Sneineh during his main Friday sermon.

"Our people still pay the price for this declaration and suffer the injustice of aggressors," he continued.

However, other voices were heard expressing fear that the bomb attacks would turn against Arabs and Muslims.

"The stupidity which thought and planned these cowardly and immoral operations has succeeded, once more, in expanding the circle of enemies against Arabs, Muslims and Islam," said an editorial in the London-based pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat.

Meanwhile, Muslim leaders in London called on worshippers to pray for the bomb victims and warned of an anti-Muslim backlash.

The Muslim Council of Britain said it had received 30,000 e-mail hate messages and the Islamic Human Rights Commission warned London Muslims to stay at home to avoid retaliation. - Agencies.

Does anyone have stamps I can use?


callieischatty said...

wow the iranians are nuts

callieischatty said...

well I suggest you read some of the blogs from the Christian left if you want to see read insanity.