Monday, April 26, 2010

The Ultimate Mohammed Critical Portrait

Almost everyone is drawing Mohammed these days. Well, I decided to draw the ultimate critical piece of Mohammed art portraiture in history. You'll see, dear art snob, that I have thrown at Mohammed the last criticism possible. I can't do better, and I challenge others to even try to out-do this devastating rendering of Mohammed. Here he is, criticised to death and beyond.

So take that, Muslim whingers! Take a look at the look in Mohammed's eyes! Even half his nose has fallen off from shock; and that bit of beard to the bottom left is about all that's left. His ears are both on the same side of his face because I'm doing a bit of Picasso here. Otherwise it looks pretty realistic. And devastating. Islam is dead. This portrait proves it.


Anonymous said...

And most insulting of all, you put him in the kitchen. Only weeeemen belong there! I Keeeeel yoooooo!

Dag said...

I love that!

I keeeeel yooooo, too, mate.

Always On Watch said...


Peter Dengler said...

Clearly, Mohammed is not the macho man he likes to portray himself to be in the Krayon.

He looks like a homo to me.

Dag said...

Sorry about the delay in getting comments up. I have to screen out the spam from China. Now I know why they have no unemployment there. Anyone with a free moment is shooting spam at blogs.

But we win anyway. Thanks for commenting. I always love that part.