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Out of exile

 It's been many years since i posted my last entry here, but I am still in the game. I cannot link anything here to Facebook. It's here or nowhere. Stay tuned....

Monday, November 11, 2019

America Divided by Idea

Part One

I think Hegel was right. I think we are witnessing a world-historic event of the dialectic of history. What better way to think of Trump as president of the U.S.A. and Chesa Boudin as the D.A. of San Francisco? This is an incredible event, this total bifurcation of thought and movement in our nation. This is the kind of event that Hegel wrote about. This is the mind of God moving across existence. Happens often, but this is the first time in my life I truly see it happening.

Part Two

Most of us have witnessed world-class poverty in our travels. San Salvador, La Paz, Cairo, Calcutta, and so on. We all know at least one place that seems like hell. I'd rather live in any of those cities than live in an America city run by Democrats: Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, L.A. I am a bad person because of that.
Jackson Kernion, who describes himself as a Graduate Student Instructor at Berkeley... writes:
“I unironically embrace the bashing of rural Americans. They, as a group, are bad people who have made bad life decisions. Some, I assume are good people. But this nostalgia for some imagined pastoral way of life is stupid and we should shame people who aren’t pro-city,” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet.
Kernion tried to justify his statements with economic arguments about not making rural life “*artificially* cheaper,” but quickly devolved into personal attacks against rural and not “pro-city” Americans.
I've written a fair amount on alternative housing. I don't care if that makes me a bad person. I am, in fact, a bad person, but in ways the idiot above hasn't encountered as yet. I'm nostalgic for the past state of my nation, which as I alluded to recently, must mean I am a racist. I have a fair amount of education in the Philosophy Dept. at my university, equal to, at least, the buffoonish grad. student above. But, I am still a bad person. No, not like the idiot above seems to want to mean: I am a seriously bad person. When I'm not being stupid, I am a pretty smart fellow. I am a rural person. That seems to make me an enemy of Kernion. I'm up for it. He's going to have to come to me in the forest; but there are millions of others far closer, some very much more dangerous than I, who will be eager to meet him. I'll be in my alternative house in the forest. I'm returning to my private rural America, though only in my mind as I recreate it on a micro scale. I don't need the hellish cityscapes of idiots like Kerion.
I fear that my own nation is a thing of the past. I suspect that, as Hegel wrote, there is a dialectical movement of History in motion at this time that will result in the destruction of both the Democrat present of the cities they've destroyed and are destroying further, and the 90 percent of the rest of the nation, rural as it might well be. By dialectic, I mean in this case a civil war between the cities and the rest of America. It's the end of my nation as I knew it. I'm leaving for the forest to live in an alternative house. I don't need a decaying hell-hole city to call my home.
What does the city of the Democrat dream offer?
"Last year, for the first time, the number of unmarried American adults outnumbered those who were married. One in 7 lives alone – about 31 million compared with 4 million in 1950 – and many of those are clustered in urban centers."
Lots of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Lots of drugs. Lots of abortion. Lots of suicide. Lots of nothing. The city has it all in abundance. Often, rural areas are worse, having attempted to be cities themselves. They fail in being cosmopolitan, but they succeed in the nihilism. Only when rural people remain true to the values of small towns do they succeed: family, home, work, privacy, community care.
San Francisco is the epitome of California Culture, the sophisticated culture all city boosters, such as the fool Kerion promote. San Francisco is the one hell-hole out of all failed American cities I would not live in. The city is a vast and evil failure, the very programme the Democrats in the cities seem determined to foist on the rest of the nation. I'm outta here.
Yesterday, in looking at the diseased city of San Francisco, the voters there elected as their District Attorney, the son of two American terrorists who murdered policemen. San Francisco is not hell enough for them, and they just voted to intensify the hell that it is.
Chesa Boudin will serve as San Francisco's next district attorney, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Saturday.
Boudin, the most progressive candidate on the ballot, won a tight race against interim district attorney Suzy Loftus.…/Chesa-Boudin-wins-San-Francisco-D-…
San Francisco, the worst city in America, just voted to make things worse by far. I'm leaving. I'm off to the hills. I am a bad person. The California Values promoters had better hope we never meet. I am very bad. But, the worse news for California Values supporters is that there are millions of others who are staying, and some of them are far worse than I ever was.

Part Three

Dems Gonna Hoyt

A man from Alabama recently popped a Democrat balloon. Now, as well as gaining thousands of donated dollars to help pay for his legal defence for vandalism, he is getting hate mail from people who seem to have no personal lives at all. In 2020, Dems gonna hoyt.
Hoyt Hutchinson, a man most people on earth have never heard about until recently, is now the focus of some peoples' lives to the point they want him to die. In fact, they seem to approve of him being murdered: for popping a balloon. But, of course, that's not what enrages the haters: they hate because they have minds empty of their own lives, Nothing-People who grasp for meaning in hatred of .... No, it matters not what that hatred is. It might well be a hatred of their own empty minds and barren lives. To generate a bit of feeling inside their emptiness, they find emotion, not their own, but emotion borrowed from the headlines of the media machine, to come into contact with the outside world. Meaningless lives grasping for meaning in headlines about others.

Part Four

Good intentions. Well, it hardly matters how good one's intentions are if the result of one's actions create harm.
Jack the Ripper probably had good intentions when he went on a murder spree in 19th Century London. Perhaps he meant well in eliminating prostitutes from a lively residential area. It's a hard but not impossible argument to make. Easier is the good intention of the boy who shot his friend who was planning a robbery of the local orphanage.
A moral crusade to stop alcohol consumption is a noble cause; but the harm from such as noble cause leaves wreckage across a nation. In the same way, Muslims killing aid workers vaccinating villagers against polio in Nigeria is a noble intention in that the Muslims hope to prevent the sterilization of Muslim men. Who are we to claim to know better?
We might be cultural imperialists who use our might to crush people with valid cultures of their own, mere bullies who sacrifice the weak to impose our values on them. Our noble efforts might be, in the long term, evil.
Moral acts might be flawed Noble Intentions. The question arises: Who are we to say this or that about any moral issue at all? Perhaps all moral issues are at heart merely relative. Perhaps we should rightly excuse every act according to the moral intention of its authors.
Yes, Hitler started World War Two, but he meant well. Yes, poisoning the well killed all the villagers, but it was for the good of the land they were destroying by overgrazing cattle there. And so on.

Part Five

The distinction between Left and Right back in the 18th Century, when the words took on their current meaning, was that the Left promulgated the principles of The Age of Reason. The Left were known as those who argued in favor of Rationality against "superstition" such as religion, witch-hunting, anti-Semitism, and so on. The Right, such as they were, included the clergy, the aristocracy, the hold-over feudal land owners, and the idiot peasants who sided with them in a state of what Marx and others called "false consciousness." Not no more. The Left mostly comprises the worst lunatics on the planet, screaming, hysterical, violent morons who are on the verge of apoplexy because, for example, Orange Man Bad. The Left is insane, all of it made up of deliberate childishness expressed by the richest people on earth in history. LIkely, the more money one gets from one's parents the stupider and crazier the leftist is. It's a mental disease of the affluent. Only they can afford to be fascists in this world, and they go at it with a fury. They do so because among the Left it's seen as really cool behavior. It's a social thing. It has nothing to do with actual living, only to do with showing off and outdoing one's friends.
Here's an account of Leftists in public:
I was in the Senate gallery this afternoon when Justice Brett
Kavanaugh was confirmed. You would have thought I was at an exorcism in an insane asylum.
Perhaps you were watching on television and heard the disruptions, though you certainly didn’t see them. The attenuated audio probably didn’t catch the frightening, incoherent shrieking – including the lingering screaming and howling as they were being dragged down the hallways outside the gallery.
If there was any doubt that the opposition to Kavanaugh was unhinged, uncivil, disruptive, rude, and borderline nuts, my experience in the gallery made it clear.
The first example came when Senator Cornyn rightfully railed against the mobs who spent the last three weeks assaulting and assailing Kavanaugh supporters.
“Mob rule is necessary,” one shrieking woman shouted before security personnel could settle her down.
At least she was honest. It did not appear that Capitol Police
removed her for her crime, unfortunately. That would soon change.
Another crazed woman later screamed, “I will not consent, I will not consent, I will not consent, I will not consent." She was like a feminist automaton: “I will not consent, I will not consent.” Capitol Police were less forgiving and dragged her out the doors and down the hallway.
I have visited hospitals for the seriously mentally ill, and the
shrieks from this woman were as odd and unearthly as anything I ever heard inside a mental hospital. They echoed off the halls and ceilings outside the gallery in decreasing but astonishing amplitude.
Then the roll was called, and it sounded like the gates of hell opened up.
Nearly a dozen women erupted in unison, shouting, howling, screaming, in an unrecognizable venomous wail. They wouldn’t stop. There was fury, rage, hate, poison in the noise.
It wasn't prose. It wasn't song. It was a swarming, shrill, swirling noise.
I leaned over to someone and whispered, “Pay attention, that’s what the Left sounds like.”

Part Six

Back home, from the early 50s to the early 70s most folks had car keys, but they seldom locked the car. Almost no one locked the front door to the house. It was a "high trust" society. Not no more.
When politicians can scream in public such things as "Impeach the motherfucker," we know things are objectively bad. Trust is just about gone from our societies. It's not coming back again.
Impeaching President Trump isn't about Trump: it's about winning a world-view one intends to impose on others. "Fundamentally transforming the nation." That's not my America. That isn't even my nightmare. It's some other people's madness. But, if it becomes the norm among too many, among those with political power to actually make at least parts of it come true, then those people who are not part of the trust community, i.e. the other half of the nation's population, are going to be angry.
Who is going to physically impose California Values on the majority of American soil? Outside of sprawling cities, who is going to walk down Main Street with a rifle demanding that small town folks use proper genders for transvestites?
America isn't just cities with lots of people: it's a lot of land with almost as many people combined as city populations. It's probably 90 per cent of American soil. If one is not from part of America the Traditional, who is trusted there?
Those from San Francisco would be well advised to stay inside the city limits. No one outside the city will trust them. Impeach Trump; then be careful what you wish for.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Leftist Brown Shorts

It's too easy to term out-of-control leftist kiddie idiots as Nazis. They aren't even Brown Shirts, Hitler's street-thug army. Today's P.C. sissies, Antifa losers come to mind, would shit themselves if they came up against serious street fighters. Thus, I now call leftist wannabe Brown Shirt tough guys "Brown Shorts."


I just came up with my latest block-buster term to slag leftards. This one came up after Facebook deleted an innocuous post on Myanmar. That was just after I saw a fellow's post on global warming that came with not one but two so-call rebuttals, posted by FaceBook, claiming that the man had posted fake news. Who do these people think they are? Who do they think we, the public are? Obviously, they have no idea, being too wrapped up in their own self-righteous idiocies to think about anything other than their own opinions.

FaceCensor really pissed me off by banning a link I tried to post. All this comes within days. FaceCensor is really upsetting me.

facebook-censorship.jpg (790×411)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Friday, March 06, 2015

What is modern-day Samizdat?

About the Author

But first:

Celeste Young is Collaborative Research Fellow at CSES. She is a sustainability/climate change professional who works as a communication and operational specialist with a particular interest in innovation and the use of creative and business processes.
Her primary work focus is with trans-disciplinary projects across diverse stakeholders to build a greater understanding and capacity. She has worked for organisations such BAE Systems, the Western Alliance For Greenhouse Action (WAGA), the Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research (VCCCAR) and most recently, Victoria University as a Research Manager and Researcher with the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) project 'Valuing Adaptation Under Rapid Change'.
Her collaborative program Council Connections was featured in the State Adaptation Plan (2013) and she has been the recipient of a number of awards including Highly Commended Poster, NCCARF 2014, Best overall poster at NCCARF (2012), University of Melbourne, Vice Chancellor's Staff Engagement Excellence Award 2014, (VCCCAR group award), and BAE Performance Recognition Award 2009.

D.W. Walker, the author of this text, is a cranky old guy who lives in a cheap hostel in Iquitos, Peru. He is a bum who makes a living by begging donations from friends and strangers so he can continue writing medium famous books. So far, thanks to friends, this month's rent is almost paid and Mr. Walker had a couple of baloney sandwiches for dinner last night. Mr. Walker is an operational specialist with a particular interest in innovation and the use of creative and business processes of finding a box of Kraft Dinner.

His primary work focus is on making money by writing travel books for the world and newspaper articles about topics of interest to those visiting the Peruvian Amazon jungle. He has worked for organisations …. Well, no. Most recently, uh, he's still a bum traveling around the world writing books. Celeste Young is simply important, though not related to this book. 

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

New Book by D.W. Walker coming soon

Yes, folks, Dag's latest book, Snootom, is coming soon. Here's a preview.

It should be available at It is not a book of "Motoons" and it is not a book about Mohammed. It is Snootom, and it is about Demmahom. Relax, censors, no crime committed here.

Meanwhile, here are other books available now.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Head Hunting, Amazon-style, in the Middle East

Funny thing is, no one thought I was joking when I suggested that I would go into the Amazon head-shrinking business by selling heads of jihadis to anyone who came up with sufficient cash to satisfy me.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Ashley Collman, "Fresh agony for James Foley's family as sick ISIS militants 'try to sell them his headless body for $1million'." MailOnline. 11 December 2014
The family of beheaded American photojournalist James Foley are  facing fresh agony after sick Islamic State militants tried to sell them his headless body for $1million, according to a new report by Buzzfeed.

The website spoke to three middlemen trying to broker the deal, who
say they can prove the body is Foley's with a DNA swab and will
deliver the remains across the Turkish border once the ransom has been paid.

Foley was the first American hostage to be beheaded by an ISIS
militant in a graphic video recording this summer. Since August, the
terrorist group overtaking large swathes of Syria and Iraq, has
beheaded two more Americans and a Briton in similar displays of


Holding Western captives for ransom is one of the main ways terrorists groups like ISIS raise money. A New York Times report published this year found that Al Qaeda has made at least $125million from ransoms since 2008, with $66million raised in 2013 alone.

Read more:


War is war, regardless of the sentiments people espouse these days. It's as real as living and dying. War trophies are real.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

New book coming soon-ish

Remember, folks, that you read the news here first.

I'm finishing my book on Rubber Boom architecture in Iquitos, Peru and once that is complete I will turn again to writing a new Jockk Brand novel, this one with the absolutely pithiest title I have ever come up with:

Jockk Brand vs. the Man at the Top of the Stairs and Other Men Hiding in the Shadows in the Garden. 

In my new novel, the western world is in flames as jihadis rampage across the lands of former freedom, and an awe-struck leftist middle-class cheers the destruction of their nihilistic way of life. Self-annihilation is the order of the day for many, but the new president is unmoved by the mass jubilation shown on television and You Tube. He's fighting back, using one of the the most dangerous weapons in his arsenal, Jockk Brand.

But even Jockk Brand must sleep sometimes, and when he does he must then wake up and continue his one-man showdown against world-wide jihad and the grand gesture suicide of self-loathing, moralistic Left fascism. First, Brand has to get out of bed. Not so easy this getting out of bed, as Brand finds when he encounters the Man at the Top of the Stairs and Other Men Hiding in the Shadows in the Garden.

Can Brand save America from the most evil foes of our time? Only if he can first defeat the most oppressive enemy he has ever encountered in a lifetime of murder and mayhem: Jockk Brand himself.

Meanwhile, my first Jockk Brand novel is available at this link.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dag Walker and the Jivaro Tsantzas Masters of Iquitos, Peru

I have been busy in Iquitos for this long time, writing books, of course, but also learning new and interesting things about life outside the norms of middle-class American living. Recently, I have learned that I am now fully qualified as a tsantza master. This is to say, I am a qualified "Head-shrinker" according tom my Jivaro buddies in town. I can now cut off a man's head, skin him, boil his stuff, stitch him up, and shrink his head down to the size of a clenched fist. I'm a qualified Head Hunter of the Amazon rainforest. I see on my horizon a new and lucrative career. 

I look at shrinking heads as something worthy of our reflections. Look, if you will, at the Qur’an, particularly at the "Sword Verse" Qur'an, 9:5. 

One of the most frequently quoted Quranic verses is chapter 9 verse 5. This verse is known as "The Verse of the Sword." Muslim terrorists cite it to justify their violent jihad. Correspondingly, critics of Islam claim that it commands Muslims to act with offensive aggression towards the non-Muslims of that period, and contributes to Islam’s final theological doctrine of aggression towards all non-Muslims of all times. Apologists for Islam claim that 9:5 is purely defensive. Which side is right?
As the Islamic source materials are examined it will become evident that verse 9:5 is part of the theology of jihad and is meant to be both offensive and defensive. It is directed against Pagans living both near to and far away from Muhammad.

The first premise of this blog is that dhimmitude is slavery and therefore a bad thing. The term slavery is, here, dhimmitude. Islam allows the non-Muslim to live if he pays jizya, or an extortion tax. Otherwise, the kufar, meaning us, must be killed. Here is what the Koran says:

9:5 When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy, allow them to go their way. God is forgiving and merciful.
Convert to Islam, pay the jizya, or die. Get your head cut off, like so many people we have seen on videos. 

Well, living in the Amazon jungle I took some things to heart, like learning ancient native customs, one of which is the art of tsantzas, shrinking heads. Muslims don't do that. They just cut off our heads and forget about them. I am more akin to the locals here. They and I share some Viking traits and feelings about freedom that I particularly value in myself and them. Some of my buddies here are Jivaro. Another, more p.c. name for them is Shuar.

1599, the Shuar were one of the few groups to successfully repel and maintain freedom from colonial rule. In that year, the Shuar killed 25,000 colonists during a revolt. From then on, the tribe lived as it pleased in relative isolation from the rest of the world, warring with one another.
This isolation and the Shuar's practice of creating shrunken heads -- called tsantsas -- has given them a fearsome reputation with the rest of the world.
The culture of vengeance largely characterizes the Shuar. Not simply violent death, but death by natural causes is attributed to an unseen, remote enemy attack. The concept of revenge is deeply rooted in Shuar culture. From a very young age, boys are drilled in the standing feuds his family has with other families. He is also taught that not exacting revenge in the form of violence is to welcome retribution from his fallen ancestors [source: Jandial, et al].

I can relate to much of that, especially when I'm visiting my friends and we sit in the kitchen and they show me how to skin a head and shrink it. Relax. No people shrunk.

This is what I have learned. 

Shrunken heads are an actuality. A single tribe, the Shuar, who live in a region of the Amazon basin that straddles Ecuador and Peru, are the only group known to shrink heads. They continued this practice until as recently as the 1950s.

When a family member dies -- regardless of the cause -- a tribesman consults a member of the spirit world under the influence of natema to learn the culprit. The answer comes in a vision, and the family sets about recruiting other nearby households to join them in a loose confederation with the purpose of exacting revenge. Over the course of several weeks or months, the group prepares for war, at times even alerting the intended target of its plans.

At each of the stages in preparation, the party leader -- called the curaka -- presides over the process. The members of the raiding party are attentive to each step, reinforcing the curaka's actions.

I sometimes see the world in terms of 9-11. I see that many Muslims are all too happy to support the murder of almost everyone, even other Muslims, if the man with the sword deems it just. This makes me anxious. I don't need ayahuasca visions to tell me more about who is responsible for 9-11. I got that part quickly all on my own. The question is how to react. Should I return the Muslim practice of cutting off their heads? If so, then what to do with the bulky, bloody, unsightly mess? I deal often in antiques and fine art, which a bloody head is not any of. But maybe, with some effort and skill and thought, one could adapt....

Thought to harness the spirit of an enemy and compel him to serve the desires of the “shrinker,” the practice of shrinking heads is known to have originally held a spiritual significance.

From the 19th Century until very recent times, however, the practice of shrinking heads was extended to trophy hunting, exotic trade, as well as simple curiosity seekers willing to pay exorbitant prices to possess the head of another human being.

I live in the Amazon jungle. My friends are Jivaro in some cases, and I need a job. I hate Islam. All of this makes me think, and made me seek out, some resolutions to my concerns, which in turn led me to learning how to shrink heads for fun, profit, and social justice. I asked my buddies how to shrink heads.
The only known head shrinkers are a group of indigenous people from the northwestern region of the Amazon rainforest (Ecuador and Peru) collectively known as the Jivaroan peoples. Their most notorious tribe, the Shuar, live at the headwaters of the Marañón River.
Shuar people are Jivaros. The Marañón River is just over there a few blocks away.

Known as creating a tsantsa (or tzantza) to the people of this region, head shrinking [and] decapitating and then shrinking their enemies' heads also served as a highly dramatic way to warn enemies of the fate awaiting them should they venture into Jivaroan territory uninvited.
It is so right for me. I go totally native when we get into this kind of groove.

I can now kill all birds with one stone: Defeat jihadis, cut off their heads, shrink them, sell them to collectors, and have some fine satisfaction that I'm doing good things in the world.  People were dismayed when I said I was going to South America to carry on the fight against jihad. They asked what on earth I would do there. Now we know: I will return to the Middle East and go into the head-hunting business. War trophies. 

There must be a God. How else could I have ended up here learning this stuff so I can return to the world of Islam to take it to them in such a fashion and at the same time make a fine living? Yes, there is a God.