Thursday, January 26, 2006

Blue Revolutionaries Unite

Here in Vancouvber, Canada our meeting ran over-time. No bomb-threats, no hysterical jihadis storming the citidel, no cause for law suits over spilt coffee. It could have been a disaster. In fact it nearly was a disaster: I went to the store where I buy my clothes, I asked the clerk for a blue scarf, and I got a blank stare in return. Normal enough, but they didn't have any blue scarves either. I am a Blue Revolutionary at this time, and nothing can stop me. I ran home, found an old jumper, and cut a swath through it till I could swear it looked just like the scarf I would have bought anyway. My only concern was the colour, whether it was blue, green or some other shade I can't quite distinguish. I sat with a girl I know, chatted her up till she mentioned that I had people looking at me across the room. Yes, we have made contact. Yes, we're going to do it again.

There is no burning issue here in Vancouver, Canada, not something so immediate that all people are frantic for a solution or at least a crowd to shout to. And yet, there we were at the People's Temple, at McDonalds. We did not meet the numbers of our friends at the rally in Paris. Not yet. We did meet well into over-time, and we will meet again. We will grow and we will make a difference. Here are a couple of letters from others, and I'll update anything else that comes in as it comes.

At 8:27 PM, Jauhara said...

Sacre Bleu! Vive la révolution bleue...où puis-je joindre? Pardon my French, but this gives me hope! Go France!

At 9:32 PM, t-ham said...

I sat, for 2 hours, resplendent in my new blue scarf, in a McDonalds 35 miles from 9/11's Ground Zero, a place where, on that day, you could have climbed any of the hills that rise up here along the Hudson River and watched the Towers burn and crumble as I did, a place where everyone lost a family member or friend or knows someone who did.

No one came.

Other obligations? Insufficient notice? Lousy time of day? Apathy? Fear?

Maybe I counted too much on the blogs. Maybe I overestimated how many of us reading and commenting. Maybe we just seem like many. Maybe, 'round here, I am one of the Tiny Majority Who Have Hijacked the...what?

This will take some thinking. This is going to take some planning. They should have come. I am a stubborn son of a bitch, and now they have gone and pissed me off.
I'm not going away.

Here in Vancouver we found friends willing to make the effort. We'll do more. So will others. The French will carry on, and so will we. We can change the world doing this. Unlike our Muslim cousins, we can do good things.


truepeers said...

McDonalds will never be the same again.

t-ham said...

Wasn't a complete loss. I brought my friend Thucycides along and he entertained me with accounts of events, intrigues, political maneuvers and, best of all, amazing speeches, that could have all happened only yesterday.

There is no shame in finding yourself face-down in the mud. The only shame is in not trying to get back up. I'll try again next week. The coffee really wasn't that bad, the place is bright. I've spent time in worse places. Sooner or later, someone will want to chat.

eyesallaround said...

I think maybe Blue Thursdays would work better. For example, every Thursday, everyone wears blue, from now until the war is over. Meetings at McDonalds is a good idea but not necessary. Some people are busy with other things, but would still like to express solidarity with the cause by wearing the color of loyalty and faithfulness.

Also, an article on LGF and other big blogs, would help.

Just some ideas... Overall it's a great idea.

Ever notice the Islamofascist "color" is green? What's that all about?

Baltic Waves said...

I was running late yesterday evening due to a dental appointment . My husband and I got to the Cary McDonalds around 7:30 had coffee, talked , we were the only ones there , but then again we might have missed others if they were there from 7:00 -7:30.

I agree that we need to make this a regular thing, I'm not sure if it should be weekly or monthly. Maybe something along the lines of the first or last Thursday (or name the day) of each month.

If no one else has claimed the color blue for a cause, what about a blue ribon that can be worn on the clothing, and maybe a blue magnetic ribon simular to what you see for "support our troops" etc. that could be used for cars that states something along the lines of "Defeat Jihad, Support Freedom of Faith"....

civilian-at-arms said...

You can count me for the next NYC McD rendezvous. I just realized how appropos meeting at McDonalds was: everything on their menu is made from pork; well, except the McRibs--pretty sure those are made out of fish.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your interest about the blue scarf movement in France which increses day after day.
You can visit the blog :
See you soon.
Best regards.

truepeers said...

I'm just having a look at revolutionbleue blog and am wondering about this: Il fut question évidemment des médias qui étaient le thème officiel du jour ("Médias pourris, c'est fini !" rappelez-vous), de la liberté d'expression et de la condamnation de Christian Vanneste, de la Constitution européenne (que le grand démocrate Sarkozy voudrait faire passer par la voie parlementaire apparemment, les Français ayant mal voté), de la France qui s'appauvrit, de l'affaire d'Outreau et des juges irresponsables, trop liés au pouvoir politique et parfois à la Franc-maçonnerie...

-so they're anti-Masonic which often goes with antisemitism; and they don't like Sarkozy because he's not French enough...

Is the blue revolution movement Judeophobic?

Dag said...

I'll find out. If so, we can easily carry on without them on our own.

civilian-at-arms said...

This won't be the first time the civilized world carried on without the French. Ooooo! I'm a comedian today. I jest. I jest.

John Sobieski said...

I like the idea Dag. I think this can evolve into something. The US will need some symbols to represent our offensive position, yes, offensive, not defensive. We need to be in the Mohamedans face and not cowering like our leaders are today.

truepeers said...

It's worth looking into, Dag. But now that I think about it, if I were a Frenchman I might be anti-Masonic (the French Masons are political - i believe liberal and anti-clerical in nature - unlike their Anglo-American cousins) and I might be against anyone in the present government, including Sarkozy. I don't know enough about their situation to say.

Dag said...

Our friend in France replies to the query on Masons and Sarkozy:


Free masonry in France is very different from the gentleman's club practiced in America.

Nicolas Sarkozy, may or may not be Jewish ( I really have no idea although his origins are Hungarian ).

The main gripe against Sarkozy is the following. He showed so much promise by battling Tarik Ramadan and claiming that he would put an end to the violence in the suburbs. The problem is that the reduction in crime figures are all a fiction. The police services are strongly advised to discourage people from reporting crimes and anti white racism is considered something which never happens.

The biggest charge against Sarkozy is that he supports state funded mosques and positive discrimination for ethnic minorities.

A recent example of his two facedness is when a young arab boy was accidently killed in an intergang fight. He promised to clean up the neighbourhood with 'Karcher' (Karcher is a very popular German car cleaning product invented in World War 2). What he actually did was send the 'youth' on a state funded holiday.

He also promised to deport all the foreign rioters who set fire to cars in November. Not one has been sent back.

These are major issues for a politician whose 'tough on crime' image is a serious vote winner. He is only tough on the crime figures.

Now going back to Free Masonry, a subject about which I know very little, I came across this link
The last section explains briefly the structure of French Free Masonry.

As I said, I am no expert on Free Masonry and I encourage you to do your own research.

I am also sending a copy of this mail to Claude Reichman so that he can correct possible errors in what I have written.

Best Regards


Dag said...

John, I think that with the lot of us involved we can change the whole world for the better by doing not much more than saying in public that we won't tolerate the intolerable any longer. We in Vancouver began that a few days ago. Others did the same in Australia, France, America. Yeah, it was offensive. To sit and say we don't like murder is offensive. I'll shout it.

No murder. No poseur scum-bag dhimmi Presbyterian Church of the USA playing footsie with killers. No more of this. It's wrong.

truepeers said...

It's interesting that Sebastien tried to explain the nature of French Freemasory without explaining why it's a rhetorical target. Maybe there are reasons for it being such a target, or maybe he's just unreflectively tied into a traditional French Catholic rhetoric that has long had the Masons as villains for their supposed role in fomenting the Revolution. In any case, I have no beef against the Catholic church or the Masons and tend to think of both institutions as good things. The rhetorical tendency to make a villain of the Masons is, in any country, closely associated with the antisemitic tendency - for irrational reasons I won't go into now - so I hope the blue scarf guys give that some consideration and not do things to tarnish les bleues.

Anyway, I will see you next Thursday. i was thinking that we should perhaps have some topic for our meetings, so that we can give a question some thought in advance and use the time to help each other improve our own rhetorical skills. How about Thursday we give some thought to how to best criticize the multicultural ideology that tolerates Muslims in Canada parading their women in public, covered from tip to toe, with only those blank eyes showing from behind the screen? Time for an apocalypse of the "liberalism" that allows that.