Saturday, April 15, 2006

Canadian Government Terrorist Supporter

We picked up this story from True Peers at Covenant Zone.

Do you care what happens in Canada? Does it matter anywhere on Earth what the Canadian government does? You bet it does. It means your life is effected directly when the Canadian government hires and promotes a Left dhimmi fascist to implement government policy based on fascist Islamism and terrorist support. Friends, the Canadian government hired itself a terrorist supporter to make policy.

Daniel Pipes writes the following on the latest move by Canadian fascist dhimmis and in particular on one Crystal Procyshen. this is the equivalent of the U.S. State Department or the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Canada has hired a terrorist sympathiser to work out our relations with Islamic terrorists. After a short intro from Pipes we'll turn to the woman herself to find out just what the hell the Canadians have done this time.

If we suffer from a terrorist attack on this Earth it will be in part due to the Canadian government hiring and supporting a terrorist sympathiser to make policy decisions for them. If you or your family or you countrymen are killed because of Islamic terrorism, if the Candian government hires people who feel that our friends, us, that we are a cancer, you can thank the Canadian government for this:

Canada's Muslims Provide "Strategic Advice on Relations with the Muslim World"

Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) has today created a "Muslim Communities Working Group Operational Unit" (FMCG). This is explained in an administrative notice from David Mulroney, assistant deputy minister for bilateral relations, to "All employees at Headquarters, at missions and at regional offices," and leaked to me.

Mulroney (who is slated to become the foreign affairs adviser to the new prime minister, Steven Harper) signs off in a slightly menacing tone, stressing the seriousness of the FMCG: "This unit is a priority for the Deputy Minister and for me. I count on your active collaboration with the FMCG in the service of the Department's and the government's interests."

Comments: (1) Muslims will from now on have a special say with regard to Canadian foreign and trade issues touching on Muslims.

(2) The privileging of Islam proceeds apace, with Muslims in at least four Western countries giving "strategic advice on relations with the Muslim world."

(3) This is a terrible mistake. Belonging to a certain group should not give one special authority in dealing with that group, and especially not in a governmental context.


(5) One can only guess at the intellectual environment of FMCG but one of the individuals mentioned as a player in it, Crystal Procyshen, wrote a strident article against Israel in 1997, "JERUSALEM! What is the TRUTH? Travel and Truth:A Volunteers' Experience in Palestine."

Here's a short biographical piece on the dhimmi terrorist supporter now on the government payrole.

Making a difference

Support for students helps them change world

by Sade Nasser

Paving the way for the next generation – that's how Crystal Procyshen, BA'01 and winner of several U of C scholarships, sees the impact donors have made when They give to student awards.

Getting an academic-merit-based scholarship builds confidence, she says. "Being a scholarship recipient gives the student great momentum to continue their success, as well as fostering a sense of leadership."

In addition to being a great source of financial assistance, "the experience of receiving and applying for scholarships, made me become aware of the standards that donors expect out of young people," she says.

Procyshen re-thought her university plans after a post-high-school graduation trip to Mexico. Her experience there opened her eyes to the issues of development and the plight of the poor in other countries.

When she got back to Canada, Procyshen changed her chosen field of study from theatre to political science.

"I realized that I wanted to delve further into these issues," says Procyshen. She tailored her studies to fit her needs, by developing an Arabic language program with a professor in religious studies while majoring in political science. Procyshen has since gone on to finish a master's program from McGill University specializing in Middle Eastern studies – a passion of hers.

So far, so good. Now a little bit more:

This September, Crystal Procyshen will join nine other students and professionals from ten nations as a 2003-2005 Rotary World Peace Scholar -- and the only Canadian -- at the International Christian University Peace Institute in Tokyo, Japan. This scholarship is awarded annually to 70 individuals worldwide and funds master's degrees in peace research at seven renowned institutes.

Originally from Wetaskiwin, Alberta, the twenty-four year old is a recent McGill graduate with a Dean's Honours List MA Political Science. In addition to being a published specialist on the Middle East, a speaker of Arabic, French, Spanish, and reader of Cyrillic and Greek, Crystal has been a competitive and professional ballet and jazz dancer for 19 years. Her academic, linguistic, and artistic interests have taken her to the Palestinian Territories, Israel, Egypt, Cyprus, England, Central America, and the Caribbean, where she has done everything from teaching English and dance, to working with peace dialogue groups and refugee camps, developing policy papers, to producing and performing in dance productions, to shoveling compost in indigenous villages. She has just concluded two years as a fellow at the Center for Developing Area Studies and Inter-university Consortium for Arab Studies in Montreal, and a teaching and research assistant. As well, she is the founder of The Adventure Project -- a new non-profit organization that brings global adventures and learning home to Canadian students.

Procyshen will continue her research on the Middle East, applying alternative sociological approaches to water/resource development, conservation, and related dispute mediation techniques developed in Asia. She plans to travel in Egypt in the summer of 2004 to study the art of desert communities.

And now we begin to find out what she's become:


Travel and Truth:A Volunteers' Experience in Palestine

August 27, 1997

by Crystal Procyshen,


Now all I can do is tell the truth-not the tv,newspaper or government truths because those are the ones taking my friends' futures and lives.

Since the Israelis illegaly occupied the autonomous regions of the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem, they routinely torture, kill and deprive Palestinians of their rights. Under Israeli control the Palestinians have no freedom of movement, no freedom of speech or press, no jury of peers,no trials,imprisonment without just cause,no right to education,no right to an attorney, no right to property,no right to trade or profit from good crossing borders.


If East Jerusalem comesunder full Israeli control, the Palestinians cannot pray at the Temple Mount or Holy Sepulchre. As well, the best Arab hospitals and jobs would be lost-destroying Palestinian lives and livelihood. After July 30, when a bomb by two Hamas suicide bombers exploded in a Jewish market, millions or surviving Palestinians suffered when Israeli closures were imposed. I could feel the effects of the ongoing injustices of the occupation now amplified by this evil violence that ordinary Palestinians do not condone.


Security is the buzzword of the politicians, it is an alibi to continue oppressing and driving out the Palestinians. There would be no threat to security if justice existed. Palestinians only want their own secular,democratic, free state of current lands and East Jerusalem with human rights practiced and compensation for losses fulfilled. Most importantly they want peace and co-existence with Israel.


Prisons are torture chambers, the torture causes internal physical and psychological damage. 3500 Palestinians are political prisoners right now. Israel also illegally confiscates Palestinian lands. Land is usually worth $1million US and is the only inheritance for families. My friends watch their homes turned into Jewish stettlements;these red roofs(only 30% inhabited)growing like a tumor across the country and around Jerusalem.


The Israelis, in order to fulfill their political prophecies of a Zionist state where they would be safe from persecution, are propogating a recurring cycle of hatred towards the Palestinians as they struggle to expand the state of Israel.


I was educated by youth centers,peace teams,churches,Jewish and Arab lecturers,and most importantly my many friends-of all religions and ethnicities.

This is the work of the Canadian government under the leadership of the Conservatives!

"Jewish stettlements... growing like a tumor across the country and around Jerusalem."


truepeers said...

This young woman has written some vile things. But she is highlighted in this story simply because she is named as the contact person in the memo leaked to Pipes - the contact person is, presumably, secretarial: someone without a lot of formal power, though possibly she is in a position of influence. As i understand it, the senior positions in the new group have not yet been named. This young woman is thus a mere indicator of the intellectual mindset within a subgroup in the Department of Foreign Affairs, a matter about which we have little information. Being young and junior, it is unlikely she is herself the power over policy that you suggest.

When I was her age, i was capable of great idiocy too. Our universities can do a lot to mess up kids today.

truepeers said...

Having said that, the story, in all its elements, is scary indeed.

Pastorius said...

Land is usually worth $1 million?

Damn, I gotta buy me some Palestinian Real Estate.

What a pile of steaming bull excrement.

I also love this idea that Palestinians have some sort of God-given right to cross Israeli borders in order to make a living.

Epaminondas said...

What the hell are PEACE STUDIES?

Can someone please try with me to find the syllabus, and textbook list for a degreed process at a peace studies university dept?

And BTW, while you are at it read THIS in the head

Dag said...

I picked on this girl because she's an obvious target. I probably did hit a fly with a hammer. She's obviously a bright girl who learned what she was taught. If she now or soon faces a ruined career for it, then she can work as a waitress and relearn in the meantime till she's better able to make judgements. She's luckier than Rachel Corrie. This girl has a chance to change her mind.

The question then is what to do with the creatures who made them all into the parodies of Humanity we see. This is more than misguided youths. These are people who are more than mislead. These are people who are corrupted and ruined and turned into criminal co-conspirators by the works of evil people in power. That 'victimisation' goes for the palestinians as well.What did they do to deserve the U.N. and the past 100 years of pandering and sly encouragements to become gradually more and more insane? Now it's generations of insane Muslims who might otherwise have been normal and decent people, but people who are now driven to madness and murder and suicide for the phantasies of bored bureaucrats living vicariously. What do we do with these criminals who have turned a whole nation and a whole umma of a billion people into madmen in their lust for power and glory and fulfillment of the sick dreams of Philosopher Kings?

There's a scene in Michael Ondaatje's "Collected Works of Billy the Kid" in which a character raises mad dogs in a pen. He breeds mad dogs to make more mad dogs. Eventually someone comes by and just shoots the lot.

Dag said...

Land ownership is outside the scope of what I deal with here but it is interesting to a high degree to look at the concept in terms of Islam and the history of the palestinians.

Land is waqf, a thing held in trust for Allah. The whole Earth and the universe belongs to Allah. People have a right to use it for the sake of Allah and the greater good of Islam. It's administered by the caliph and those below him. There's no such thing as private property in the Western sense. Yes, there are lords who have title to land, but they are holding it by the grace of the caliph.

Palestine, so-called, was part of the Ottoman Empire, all of it the holding of the sultan. The Turks sold off whatever swamps and deserts they could to the Jews returning to Isreal. Who cared? It was wasteland the Jews over-paid for. And it's not land itself that mattered to the Muslims, it is the presence of a disorder in the space. Jews made where the Muslims did not. The resentment is so extreme it becomes suicidal. Hatred of change is what drives the Muslims.
Most of them, even all of them in Gaza and the West bank, were nomads with no sense of private property. The Turks owned what little land there was that was settled, and it was wasteland.

There were no palestinians, there was no land, there was no ownership of anything, not even of ones own life. A million bucks? I don't think so. More likely a million piles of dust.

Dag said...

Horowitz is one tough-minded guy. Gotta like that in one on the right side.