Sunday, April 18, 2010

Raising Allah from the morgue

Muslim art, such as it is, focusses on the non-representational. Islamic art is meant to beautify the dwelling place of man without recreating the image of what most art in the world coniders most important: The Gods, Mankind, and the living world. Art generally reifies Life, makes into images the things we most adore, women, home, nature, ourselves.

Islam sets aside the act of representation and leaves it alone as the act of Allah. Man is not allowed to "create" life artistically. So, instead, Islam makes art in designs of geometry, for example, or in calligraphy. A favourite motif in Islamic calligraphy is the name of Allah. Muslims like writing the name of Allah in the same way some people like getting a tattoo of a girl's name inked in skin. And thus, since this is Sunday, we here can now look at some fine examples of Islamic art, good and bad, that shows us the Name of Allah. Not only because it's Sunday; we can do this 'cause it's plain fun.

First we have "Bad Allah" art, arisen from the morgue of this blog and its companion, Covenant Zone.

And here we have "Good Allah" art.

Hope you like it.

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