Monday, April 26, 2010

Down with Islam; Stand up for your rights

"I got a lot of respect for a gun"

From Jihad Watch reader Camelia:

An atheist passes a priest and shouts "Jesus is a lie!". He then passes a Jew and shouts "God is a lie!". He then passes a Muslim cleric and shouts, "Good day Sir!".

When it comes to religious topics, I'm not so big on anything I can't dance to, which is why I'm seriously tempted to forget about Islam for a bit and stand up for Bob Marley, tempted to get up, stand up, stand up for my rights. What do I care about Muslims and their demanding and crazy b.s.? Why should their demands and their rampaging violence cause me any concern about my beliefs and behaviour? If I were a foul-mouthed fellow I'd have a lot to say to them right about now, all of it vile. But I'm not so much foul as a rule. That could change as, during the average day, I encounter ever more Islamic violence. In fact, I don't like anything about Islam. What's the big deal? What do I owe Muslims? Last I looked, that would be nothing at all. Nada. Screw Muslims.

Now, about this musical interlude I'm into. This Marley fellow has some raw talent, I think so, but he needs a hair cut and some lyric writer to fix up what should be a pretty good tune. Something along the lines of "To Hell with Islam and wanker Muslims."

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Get Up Stand Up (Live Germany)

I can dance to that.


Mostafa said...

Islam is a pure and beautiful way of life from the creator of the heavens and the earth.

Objectively study the doctrine of Islam before making any judgments.

This is our asses on the line man, when we are all alone in a 2 by 2 grave. Then you WOULD wish u had believed in god and lead the life of Islam (which means submission to god)

so don't take it lightly study, study, study. don't let the stupid media and stereotypes shape your mind for you..

contact me with any questions about Islam, I'm a new Muslim

Dag said...

Mostapha, the day you come close to knowing anything about Islam to the degree I do, then I'll be happy to consult you. That's no time soon, mate.